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Movie Accuracy Review on “The Patriot”



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    Movie: The Patriot Characters: Benjamin Martin is a farmer and was a member of the military during the Seven Years War. He had lost his wife and joins the Revolutionary War due to the loss of his 15 year old son. He is promoted to colonel in the continental army and leads his eldest son to find recruits to stall General Cornwallis until the French arrive. He uses hit and run tactics to take out many British soldiers, many of these battles taking place in the swamps. Gabriel Martin is Benjamin’s oldest son.

    He is very eager to join the Continental army, although his father does not want him to. This leads him back to his father’s house carrying dispatch papers. At the house, the British come and take Gabriel away with orders to hang him for being a traitor. With Benjamin and his brother’s help, Gabriel escapes, but the colonel of the British army kills his wife. Gabriel tries to get revenge, but he is killed. The leader of the British Calvary is Colonel William Tavington. He is the man that kills Thomas, Benjamin’s second oldest son.

    He is ruthless in that he burns Gabriel’s wife to death, and he burns down an entire church. He also kills Gabriel. Finally, Benjamin kills him on the battlefield in the final battle. Time Period: The time period this movie takes place in is 1776. This is the time during which the Declaration of Independence and Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” pamphlet are produced. Plot: This movie’s plot is about Benjamin Martin. He is a farmer who loses his son during the beginning of the war, and therefore joins the army to try to take revenge.

    He and his oldest son travel through the Carolinas trying to recruit people to slow down General Cornwallis while the continental army waits for the French. Near the end of the small battles, he grabs the American flag and races towards the front of the troops, all the while yelling “Hold the line! ” to give support. He then finds Colonel Tavington and the fight. Benjamin, of course, is the victor. This is also the battle in which General Cornwallis is pushed back and the French arrive which ventually leads to an American victory in the Revolution. Historical Accuracy: This movie is not very historically accurate. Benjamin’s character is based on the Swamp Fox, Francis Martin. Most of the names do have historical value however. For example, Benjamin is the name of Francis’ father, who did fight in the Carolinas. General Cornwallis was real, but there was no historical evidence of Colonel Tavington or anyone that acted as he did in the movie.

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