What is the Perfect Mate?

Many people look for different qualities when searching for their perfect mate. Depending on what the individual is looking for in life will help determine who their so-called “perfect mate” will be. Three characteristics I look for in finding a perfect mate are chemistry, trust, and sharing the same spiritual beliefs. The first thing I look for in finding the perfect mate is chemistry. Chemistry is that romantic spark between a man and a woman. It can connect people emotionally and romantically.

Two people can talk about everything and enjoy the same things to do together. When they share the same interests, they can do things together of the same liking. When couples have chemistry, it ignites that romantic spark. By having romance with each other, it makes the relationship last longer and keep the spark between the two. Being physically attracted to his or her mate is another major aspect to have in a relationship. They way a person looks is often the first thing people notice about them. Trust is a major aspect I look for in finding a perfect mate.

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Relationships built off trust generally are stronger, healthier, and have longevity. Couples that have no trust usually fight and do not last as long as couples that have a strong trust with each other. Actions in a relationship will show his or her mate how trustworthy they can be. If my mate were never honest with me, they would never fully gain my trust. Couples who have no trust become jealous of their spouse. Jealousy always leads to fights and arguments between each other. Sharing the same spiritual beliefs as my mate is another main aspect I would look for in finding a perfect mate.

If his or her mate shares the same beliefs it causes less fighting. It could cause arguing because they do not believe in doing and believing the same thing. It would be hard to raise a family with different spiritual beliefs. Having different beliefs could cause confusion on the kids on which to believe. Believing different things can cause couples to not share as many things with each other. Sharing spiritual experiences makes couples become closer to each other and grow together. Chemistry, trust, and sharing the same spiritual beliefs are three main characteristics I would look for in finding a perfect mate.

Each characteristic adds to the relationship in different ways. Chemistry is usually the first thing people notice between themselves and their mate. It helps couple keep the romance in their relationship and do the same things together. Being trustworthy is one of the main things needed in a mate. People have to be able to trust their mate fully no matter what. The last characteristic would be sharing the same spiritual beliefs. It would causes less confusion and fighting. It would also help the couple grow together spiritually by sharing the same beliefs.

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