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Hugh Doston ( “Dossie” ) Carberry was born July 12. 1921. the boy of sir John Carberry. a former Chief Justice of Jamaica. and Lady Georgina Carberry. in Montreal. Canada. He came to Jamaica in babyhood and spent most of his life at that place. He had his primary instruction at Decarteret school in Mandeville. Jamaica and so attended Jamaica College. After working with the Civil Service. to which he qualified as 2nd out of over 100 appliers. Carberry went to St. Catherrine College. Oxford University. where he obtained his B. A. and B. C. L. . He read Law at Middle Temple and was called to the Bar in 1951. so returning to Jamaica to prosecute in private pattern. In 1954. Carberry married Dorothea. and they had two boies. Martin and John. and a girl. Christine. In add-on to his calling in jurisprudence. Carberry was a poet and gave outstanding service in the cultural field. being a member of the Managing Committee of the Little Theatre since 1951. A devout Christian. he was besides a pillar of the Providence Methodist church as Class Co-leader. Carberry was Clerk to the Houses of Parliament from 1969-1978 and a member of the commonwealth Parliamentary Association. He was appointed Judge of the Jamaican tribunal of entreaty in 1978 and served for a decennary. H. D. Carberry died on June 28. 1989. SYNOPSIS

The verse form Tells of the conditions conditions in Jamaica although it does non hold the four seasons of spring. summer. fall and winter. The conditions conditions of aureate cheery yearss and wet rainy yearss are merely every bit good and are about tantamount to the four seasons. VOCABULARY

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WORD| MEANING|Lush| Healthy growth|Magnificently| Wonderfully. grandly. beautifully|Swish| The sound made by traveling water|Gullies| Channels cut out in the Earth by relentless rainfall| Struggling| Fighting to last ; traveling with great physical effort| Fade| Lose their colour|Fallow| Left bare ( in order to retrieve natural birthrate ) | paved| Covered|

UNDERSTANDING THE POEMLines 1 to 10The poet tells about his fatherland. Jamaica and rejoices the beauty of this island. Jamaica has no seasonal alterations. It has a tropical clime which is hot and wet throughout the twelvemonth. The yearss of aureate sunlight are glorious and magnificent. The are many canefields in Jamaica as sugar is one of the chief exports in this state. Lines 11 to 15

In the stoping of the verse form. the poet tells us his favorite clip – yearss when the flowers of Mangifera indica trees and logwood flower. He uses imagination of sound and odor to exemplify abundant life and activity in the shrubs when the ‘sound of bees and the aroma of honey’ attention deficit disorder to the appeal and beauty if Jamaica. He describes the Fieldss filled with lovely xanthous butterflowers. All this happens when the rains have stopped and the beauty if nature emerges one time once more. Theme

* Beauty of nature* Appreciation of one ain state* Appreciate nature

MORAL VALUES* We should appreciate what we have in our ain state* We should non hanker for what we do non hold.* We should appreciate our fatherland.* We should appreciate the beauty of nature.

TONE. MOOD. Atmosphere* Appreciative and happy* Carefree and blithe* Sense of beautyPoint OF VIEW* Third individual point of position

Language AND STYLE* Simple and easy to understand the linguistic communication* Clear and descriptive* Simple manner with no riming strategy

POETIC DEVICES* Imagery – e. g. ‘gold sun’ . ‘lush green fields’ . ‘trees struggling’ * Alliteration – e. g. ‘sways and trembles to the slightest breath of air’ * Symbols – e. g. ‘gold sun’ – symbol of summer. ‘rains’ – symbol of winter * Contrast – e. g. ‘beauty’ or summer is compared with ‘rains’ or winter * Figurative Language – Simile – ‘rain beats like bullets’ * Metaphor – e. g. ‘the butterflowers paved the Earth with xanthous stars’ * Personafication – ‘buttercups have paved the earth’ … butterflowers have been personified as holding laid tiles * Onomatopeia – e’g ‘swish’

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