“The Scarlet Letter” Journal Entries

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Journal 1: In the debut. we learn about the unidentified storyteller who is the main executive officer of the Salem Custom House. Since there are hardly any ships that comes to Salem. the storyteller spends his clip seeking to divert himself. One showery twenty-four hours he stumbles upon a heap of paperss and finds a manuscript with a gold fabric in the form of a missive A.

It is a work written by Jonathan Pue. who had an involvement in local history and he wrote about the events that happened in the center of the 17th century. The storyteller decides to compose about Hester Prynnes experiences but with uninspiring work forces he is non able to. When a new president is elected. the storyteller starts to compose a narrative called The Scarlet Letter.

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Following. we learn about Hester Prynne. She is tall with dark hair. The first thing she does is that she comes out of a prison keeping an baby with the missive “A” on her thorax. There are many unfavorable judgments as Hester walks through the crowd about her criminal conversation. Hester spots her hubby in the crowd but he indicates with his finger to state her to maintain his individuality a secret. Because Hester refuses to uncover the male parent of her kid she is sentenced to three hours on the scaffold and have to have on the vermilion missive for infinity.

Governor Bellingham does non force Hester farther in uncovering the other evildoer and Hester is led back into the prison. One major subject that surfaces is Pride. Even with the humiliation of walking through a crowd have oning a vermilion missive A on her thorax. Hester non one time did she look ashamed. She held her caput high with her kid and walked through the crowd with elegance and beauty.

Journal 2 One of the many quotation marks that describe Pearl is. “Certainly. there was no physical defect. By its perfect form. its energy. and its natural sleight in the usage of all its unseasoned limbs. the baby was worthy of to hold been brought Forth in Eden ; worthy to hold been left at that place. to be the toy of the angels. after the world’s first parents were driven out. ” This quotation mark tells us about Pearls character. Because of Hesters wickedness. Pearl was brought into this universe.

Hester is seeing if anything is traveling to go on because of her guiltiness in the function of being Pearl’s female parent who gave birth to her with another adult male. Pearl is besides similar to the Scarlet Letter that Hester has to have on. She is at that place to remind Hester of her wickedness and this torments her. Another quotation mark is. “But Pearl. who was a audacious kid. after glowering. stomping her pes. and agitating her small manus with a assortment of baleful gestures. all of a sudden made a haste at the knot of her enemies. and set them all to flight. ” This tells us that Pearl is brave and will non stand people maltreating her of her female parent.

Even though Pearl knows she is an castaway and is different from all the other kids this does non convey her down. She still has her pride and will non stand for anyone destroying it. The concluding quotation mark is. “After seting her finger in her oral cavity. with many ungracious refusals to reply good Mr. Wilson’s inquiries. the kid eventually announced that she had non been made at all. but had been plucked by her female parent off the shrub of wild roses that grew by the prison door. ”

This tells us Pearl has regard in herself and will non subject to the bullying of others. Pearl knows she was born from her female parent after her talk about her Heavenly male parent. Alternatively of stating Mr. Wilson that she is a small rebellious and says alternatively that she was plucked off of roses when she sees the roses in the Governor’s garden and her remembrance of the roses by the prison.

Journal 3 Roger Chillingworth truly is the true scoundrel in The Scarlet Letter. It is besides true that Roger became a monster is because of Hester. Roger loved Hester and because of the wickedness Hester committed had made Roger turn evil. When Roger had sent Hester to the New World and told her to wait for him at that place because he had some unfinished concern in Europe. he comes back merely to happen that his married woman has cheated on him and has born an bastard kid. This brings out a dark side to him. We learn that it took so long for Chillingworth to acquire back to Hester was because of his imprisonment by Indians.

Another illustration of why Roger Chillingworth is the true scoundrel is that he is determined to happen out who Hester’s lover is so he can torment him and destruct his psyche. After presenting as a physician. when he isn’t truly one. he is assigned to be in charge of Arthur Dimmesdale. who is the town’s clergyman. Roger rapidly finds out that the cause of Dimmesdale comforter is because a wickedness he has committed and later he finds out that the wickedness is being the lover ofHester and male parent of Pearl. After larning the individuality of Arthur Dimmesdale.

Chillingworth becomes what true evil truly is. His visual aspect alterations with him. His already deformed shoulder go even more distorted. his face furrows and writhers. and he has this evil flicker in his eyes that are burned with finding. Even before cognizing that his intuitions of Dimmesdale being the lover of his married woman. Chillingworth still tortured Dimmesdale by utilizing his cognition of psychological science to do the clergyman experience even more guilty.

Journal 4 After completing this novel. I believe Hester Prynne has sacrificed more for her relationship with Reverend Dimmesdale. Hester Prynne went to prison for non uncovering who the other evildoer was and she was in that prison for some clip. She had to give birth while she was in prison. which means she didn’t have her lover at that place with her to soothe her. Hester besides has a struggle between her existent hubby and her lover. She has to maintain the secret of the individuality of Chillingworth from Dimmesdale. While Chillingworth is tormenting Dimmesdale. there is nil Hester can make.

Puritans The Puritans were a group of English Protestants in the late 16th and 17th centuries who were spiritual extremists who came to North America to get away persecution in their native states. They felt they were devoted to Gods and they would travel to heaven after decease because they followed the Bible. Others who were non a portion of their community were Satanic because they didn’t come to them.

The Puritans came from England to get away from spiritual persecution. Most Puritans settled in Massachusetts. Puritan life was truly dull and tiring that kids would run off or did bizarre things to get away the ennui. The Puritans devoted their life to God and the Bible. Most households farmed so kids were expected to assist with work when they were old plenty.

Sometimes they would go to school which taught simple reading. authorship. and arithmetic. Most would go forth early to travel to work. Girls frequently worked as retainers until they were married or be apprenticed for certain trades.Puritan households would penalize their kids by hitting them. declining them nutrient. or state them to make more jobs than usual.

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