The Scarlet Letter light/dark imagery

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A great significance of the light and dark imagery would be in this novel. This will be shown throughout the book in multiple places. The light and dark both are described in detailed Imagery. The light is used as a symbol of hope, beauty, goodness, and God’s acceptance. The dark Is used to be a symbol of ugliness, evilness, the devil, and sin. The significance of light imagery in the novel shows goodness and God’s acceptance. Hawthorne describes light as beautiful and bright.

The author does this to symbolize goodness and purity. Also, Hawthorne describes light when Hester walks through the forest. The light will shine on Pearl, but will not shine on Hester. This symbolizes that the light shows God’s acceptance of the Puritan people. The author does this to show that he can not forgive Hester for her sin because she has not forgiven herself. The significance of the dark imagery in the novel symbolizes evil, sin, and ugliness. The dark also symbolizes fear.

The author does this to symbolize sin and evil. This Is described when Timescale goes to the scaffold. It Is dark, therefore he Is holding his sin. Also, the the dark symbolizes sin when Hester becomes stuck In It because she Is full of sin. The author does this to show that evil things are in the dark. Light and dark are described differently in the novel. They are used for opposite things. Light and dark represent day and night. Hawthorne infers that good things happen in the day and be things happen at night.

Also, the light and dark represent good and evil. The light only shines on the good people. The bad people can not stand in the light. The dark always goes away for everyone else, but stays on Hester, a sinful women. The author does this to show how sinful Hester is and how God has not forgiven her for her sin. In conclusion, the significance of the light and dark Imagery shows good and evil In the Puritan society. The light symbolizes God’s acceptance of the people. The dark symbolizes the evil and sin in their society.

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