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Light and Dark motifs within “Romeo and Juliet” Sample

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For my essay I chose to depict the visible radiation and dark motives in “Romeo and Juliet” . A motive is a term used to depict a transition in literature that has more than one cosmopolitan significance. It is used when a character or storyteller is comparing one thing to another. For illustration the light motives represent light things such as goodness. while dark motives represent dark things such as decease.

One light quotation mark from the narrative is during the balcony scene when Romeo is speaking about Juliet.

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Light and Dark motifs within “Romeo and Juliet” Sample
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He says “It is the East and Juliet is the sun” ( act II. scene two. line 4 ) . This motive has more than one significance. One significance could perchance be that the Sun is really hot and gives off a really strong freshness that blocks out all of the stars and the Moon. much like Juliet is really beautiful and gives off a freshness that makes all other misss disappear as Romeo says. In this motive the tenor would be Juliet.

the vehicle would be the Sun and the land would be how their freshness blocks out all else.

A dark motive that is in the narrative is when Romeo is pouting approximately because Rosaline dumped him and he doesn’t wish to travel out and crash the Capulet’s party. He says ” I have a psyche of lead so bets me to the land I can non move” ( act I. scene four. line 15-16 ) . In this motive Romeo is sad and sorrowing that his girlfriend left him and does non desire to make anything but dallier about it. Since Romeo called this miss the true love of his life he was really down that she left him. His psyche is so heavy with the loss of his love that he feels as if he can non travel or make anything at all.

Another dark motive is when Juliet says “Thou knowest the mask of dark is on my face” ( act II. scene two. line 86 ) . In this motive the tenor is Juliet. the vehicle is the mask of dark and the land is that dark is really dark and sometimes sad merely like her face right now. She is down because she is concerned that she and Romeo won’t be able to be together because of the feud between the two households.

Another light motive in the narrative is once more at the balcony scene when Romeo says ” Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven” . When Romeo makes this remark he is mentioning to Juliet’s eyes. He thinks they are the most beautiful eyes that he has of all time seen. He compares them to the biggest and brightest stars in the sky.

The last light quotation mark that will be mentioned is when Juliet is speaking to Romeo outside her window. She says “This bud of love. by summer’s maturing breath may turn out a beauteous flower when following we meet” ( act II. scene two. line 122-123 ) . With this quotation mark she means that by the following clip Romeo and Juliet meet at that place love may hold blossomed into something much larger than it already is. She uses this motive because like a flower love can turn from something little to something much larger.

These motives may look as if they have nil in common but that is non true. All of these motives refer to Romeo and Juliet’s love. These quotation marks help understand the astuteness of these this love by showing the high and low points of their conversations. Shakespeare’s motifs enrich the narrative by giving us different positions on the stronger facets of the narrative.

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