The Significance of Mobile Phones in Today’s Society

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Mobile phone is a small portable device, which can be used to communicate with people inside or outside our country. Nowadays mobile phones are the most commonly used devices all over the world. It is widely used by people of all ages. Many people can afford mobile phones. But not all mobile phones are affordable. Mobile phones have its own drawbacks and benefits. It can be very useful to us, and is very important in our lives. You can use mobile phone anywhere and everywhere you are. Mobile phones make your life easier by giving services such as communicating with people all over the world, browse internet directly over the phone, making an online application, you can also send or receive email through your phone etc. In addition to that, you can also watch videos using your phone, listening to the music, taking photos or videos.

Firstly, the main reason to use mobile phone is for communicating. You can stay in touch with people of different location and long distance using mobile phones. There are many ways to communicate such as voice call, text messages, video calls and many more. It is by far the quickest and most convenient way to communicate. For instance, while we are travelling alone to another District along the Highway, in the case of unforeseen circumstances our vehicle broke down or unexpected accident we surely need mobile phone to contact Police or immediate family. Another is, to contact our family who is living abroad or studying overseas. Business men also benefit a lot with the existence of Mobile Phone. Two or more business man staying at difference countries can make and convey quick decisions. Furthermore, you can contact the bank immediately in the case your credit card was stolen. The Bank will immediately block the card.

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Secondly, they are three different ways to browse the internet namely laptop, desktop and mobile phones. But the most common technology used for browsing is via mobile phones. By using mobile phones, we can browse anywhere we are, conveniently as long as there is an internet connection. The beneficial of mobile phones for some college are for attendance record, students simply use their mobile phone to scan the attendance barcode to sign in. Students can make a quick research on their study without the use of computer while they are currently at their college. We can save budget by reading news article online through our phone. Example Borneo Bulletin. All in all, browsing internet via mobile phone is more efficient than using computer or laptop.

The concept of online application is now well known and widely used by banks, Government, Telcos and small/Medium enterprise in Brunei Darussalam. This method was introduced for convenient use. Mobile phone also can be used as a media or a channel for making the online transaction anytime and anywhere such as making online bill payment, purchasing of goods and even transferring of cash to another account. By using smart mobile phone, we can make an advance application for passport renewal’queup’.

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