Mobile Cord: The Future of Mobile Voice and Messaging

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Identify the marketing segment for the product and explain why this segment was selected mobile cord will provide the enterprise with asoftware product for the unification of mobile delivery of voice mail and messaging. Our product will enable the customers to deliver important messages to family, friends, and co-workers. This will enable the customers to communicate on a Palm, Windows, or Rim devices.

Mobile Cords proposition will be to increased productivity of a facility and the increased manageability of several devices and the communication channels connected to the mobile services. Mobile Cord platform will change the need of the enterprise so employees will be in contact with the channels on which they are communicated to the customers. Mobile Cord flagship product, Mobile Cord 2. 0 provides users with a unified view of their messages, voice mail and other messaging channels on their mobile or remote device.

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We will be received by an IT Department which would be able to support several devices while having the same access to messaging, voice mail and instant messages updates. A great example would be that the Palm, Windows Ce and Rim require different configurations and work differently with major packages such as Microsoft Outlook. Mobile Cord different devices and messages packages are required for an IT Department to put in place different solutions for each type of device.

Now Mobile Cords 2 is the common platform between a user’s communication channels such as messaging and voice mail and the mobile devices Palm, Ce and Rim devices. Mobile Cord 2. 0 can also do another server at the facility’s work site opposed to an ASP offering. We will also have in place the wireless application protocol and the short messages service standards continue to go around, the issuing of Mobile Cord 3. 0 in the near future will also support the convergent devices with telephone and PDA capabilities. We will market our product through direct contact with Enterprise and the IT Departments.

This is a direct sales strategy to include partnerships with system integrators and then further on down the road we will demonstrate more sales with our partners with devices from our manufacturers, messaging, and wireless providers. We will sell our products to different industry verticals. The target market and why these customers will be targeted it’s an opportunity for the growth of the internet and the networks for employees to have access to a substantial amount of information by messaging, web browser and applications. The internet and the network are growing in parallel for the widespread use of mobile devices and wireless devices.

Despite the enormous growth with the internet and wireless devices users are interrupted by the disconnection from the enterprise communication channels that have usage while in the office. The purpose for targeting this type of marketing is the need for the unified mobile delivery of enterprise communication channels will be solid in the certain areas. Increase the amount of mobile devices that are use in the enterprise, Mobile employees will have the same communication channels while they‘re at work, we will put extra demand on the IT Department so it can manage all of the devices that we have in place.

Conduct a SWOT analysis for the company Mobile Cord provides enterprise with software platform for mobile delivery of messaging and voice mail. The software will allow the enterprise to deliver messaging to the customer’s on any Palm, Windows CE and RIM device. Mobile Cord proposition is to increase productivity twenty-five percent of multiple devices and communication channels connected to these mobile devices. Mobile Cord’s flagship products 2. 0 helps enterprise IT departments handle the desire of Mobile Cord customers to have access to all communications such as voice mails and messaging.

Mobile Cord strength is there Research and Development team which has built the product Mobile Cord 2. 0. You can handle everything on line with any issues are anything. After any concerns or not the customer will be able to a random survey so we can analyze the concerns and see what we can do to correct them. Our weakness will probably be the customer accounts where the IT Department is addressing all the different wireless devices accounts in a non-professional manner. Some cases may show two thousands employees organization have seen ten full time equivalents in an IT Department trying to correct all issues that arises.

Our opportunities are developing market on the internet, mergers, joint ventures or strategic alliances. Moving into a market segment such as the internet offer improved profits. Another opportunity would be a new international market over the internet with the web browser. The threats would be that the competitor product of quality is better, damaged reputation, more than one competitor in the home market, and price wars with the competitor’s. A new competitor has an innovative product or service. Competitors have a superior access to channels of distribution.

The market position for our product and service is to identify the unique market position, or niche for the organization. The Mobile Cord enterprise enables users to access their communication channels such as the messaging, voice mail, and e-mail. Mobile Cord 2. 0 will found a common boundary with the list of messaging packages, Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, MSN, and Yahoo. Voice mails are usually handled through Octel and Meridian. We will continue to have software modules that will help the customer to keep in touch.

Product positioning involves tailoring entire marketing programs detailing products attributes, images, prices, packaging, distribution, and service to best meet the needs of the customers. Product positioning is part of the overall process of market segmentation that involves a lot of focusing. ”Product positioning takes place within a target market segment and tells us how we can compete most effectively in that market segment”(Glen L. Urban and Steven H. Star). Market analysis includes finding out what groups of potential customers or markets exist, what groups of customers you want to serve and their needs are being met.

Mobile Cord will be able to understand the aspect of the consumers uses to distinguish competing market programs as far as purchasing. Once we know exactly what the consumers demands are the idea would be to select the best positioning for our product to align with the marketing program. Bring in the team for marketing position includes quality, reliability, and unique features or benefits. Doing a rummage search into product positioning it will be helpful to know the goals of market segmentation.

Position your product should not e an option simply because we want to put emphasis on the quality on our product compares to our competitors. We want our product design and customer service to meet the customer expectations. One more important factor is to make available to marketers involves in giving different features or benefits that customers are unable to find in the competition. Mobile Cord success as a small internet business must identify the attributes that are most animated to consumers in the segment and then develop an overall marketing strategy that will bring customer’s attention.

Position will be helpful to applied during the pilot stages of product design, Mobile Cord will identify with its customers in term of demographic, geographic, and behavioral attributes. Market Segmentation process involves developing a product and market plan that will appeal to the selected market segment.


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