The Similarities Between Buddhism and Christianity

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Christianity and Buddhism are two of the most popular faiths in the universe. Each faith has their separate demographic. belief systems every bit good as rites. Though founded at different period of clip. Christianity and Buddhism have formed civilizations and have had a great influence on people with beginning. imposts and belief. However. concentrating on nucleus values such as humbleness. pureness of bosom and charity. Christianity and Buddhism are similar in many ways. As my research. the similarities between Christianity and Buddhism extend basically in three facets: the life of the laminitis ; moralss learning and signifier of worship. ?Siddhartha Gautama was born about around 563 B. C. He left his life as human and suffered hurting in order to seek wisdom when he was 29. After chew overing for many yearss under a tree. eventually he enlightened. In present. Peoples had known him as the Buddha or “enlightened one” . Alike to Buddhism. Jesus of Nazareth was born in the first century C. E.

The people practiced other faiths envy with him because he claimed to be the boy of God. Subsequently. Jesus was prosecuted for unorthodoxy and sentenced to be crucified. The lifes of Buddha and Christ have several similar characteristics. The decease of both is accompanied by great natural phenomenon. After decease. the instruction of them was spread extensively in many other states. ?There are several similarities that exist between Buddhism and Christianity moralss. In peculiar. selflessness is at the nucleus instruction of both Buddha and Christ so it is easy to see close analogues. Buddha said that people should see others as themself. And Jesus besides recommended that people should handle others the same manner they want to handle. Furthermore. Buddhism’s Noble Eightfold Path has many constituents that are likewise to comparable parts of Christianity such as: right address. right action. right support. right attempt. right heedfulness and right concentration.

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Both Christianity and Buddhism was established in its origin state and spread through worldwide. However. somehow they still have some parallel point in their signifier of worship. The worship in Buddhism includes monasticism. obeisance. and usage of rosary. pealing bells every bit good as hard-on of towers or supplications and speculation. The same to Christianity. they besides follow about all the signifier worship from pealing bells. usage of rosary to monasticism and confession. In decision. Buddhism and Christianity are really different from each other. basically based emphasized on ethic. it is barely to unify these two philosophies.

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