“A Flowering of faith: Christianity and Buddhism” Compare and Contrast

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This article discusses the similarities between the teachings of Jesus and Buddha. Both religious leaders had specific discourses or teachings that outlined the right ways to approach God and to interact with others. Jesus’ discourse was called the Sermon on the Mount” and is the longest instruction from him in the New Testament. Buddha’s teachings focused on the “Noble Eightfold Path” and “The Four Noble Truths,” which are considered the important principles in Buddhism. Both religions had separate commandments or rights to follow, such as “The Ten Commandments” for Christianity and “Right Speech” and “Right Contemplation” for Buddhism. Despite the differences, both leaders shared a tremendous faith and were highly regarded by their adherents for their guidance and teachings in life.”

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There are many similarities in the instructions of Jesus and Buddha. Most are discussed specifically in their discourses. With Christianity the discourse was called “Sermon on the Mount” . Jesus went up a versant and spoke to his adherents and the crowds of people. It stated the right ways for us to near God and to cover with other people. This was a aggregation of expressions. the Gospel of Matthew. stated by Jesus himself. This discourse. which is located in the New Testament. is the longest instruction from Jesus. With Buddhism. Gautama Buddha was known as their religious leader. He was said to hold “attained Nirvana” or to hold achieved a province where agony is eliminated through the forsaking of desires. When stated the term. desires. intending the cause of agony.

There were many ways to distinguish the two discourses. but their similarities were much more. When covering with the faiths. both had separate commandments to stay by. Buddha’s. “The Baronial Eightfold Path” . gave the faith eight rights to retrieve. Two of the rights in illustration were “Right Speech. turning away of falsehood. slander and swearing” . and “Right Contemplation. of the truth” . In Christianity. “The Ten Commandments” . was a list of the different rights to admit. In illustration “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me” and “Thou shalt non steal” . In the Sermon of the saddle horse. Jesus besides stated what he considered the perfect supplication this was called “The Lord’s Prayer” . This was merely what you should cite if of all time you prayed. In the Sermon at Benares. Buddha listed what was called “The Four Noble Truths” .

These were known as the of import rules in Buddhism. The four truths are best understood. non as beliefs. but as classs of experience. They more so discussed what we call cause and consequence. i. e. the truth about emphasis is enduring. When covering with their similarities the chief thing they had in common was the tremendous religion in them through their adherents. In decision. like Jesus. The Buddha set out to learn nil but good to his people. They both spoke about assisting the ill. wisdom. and religion. Their adherents acknowledged them for counsel in life. Although they were two wholly different faiths. as said before their similarities remained near.

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