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The one thing I have constantly realized I’d like to do with my life is to help individuals. I’m applying to graduate school in social work because having any kind of effect in individuals’ lives is the most significant part of a future profession to me, then some other. By qualifying as a social worker, I trust I can accomplish this and become a steady and minding individual from society. I was particularly interested in considering the solidarity of the family and the fundamentalist and Marxist speculations related to it. Finding out about relational intricacies, and how the structure, equalization, and social framework can influence the development and improvement of a kid, I saw as one of the key factors in building up my powerful urge to turn into a social worker.

Background experiences

My undergraduate experience has given me knowledge into the assorted variety of humanity and the chain of command of social needs, and understanding I want to create. I’ve worked in a private home, extending from patients with psychological instability, for example, Alzheimer’s and Dementia to patients with full mental ability. During the time at the Grand Haven Living Center and Brookdale Senior Living, I helped the inhabitants with fundamental consideration needs. Most of my time was anyway spent conversing with the occupants and tuning in to them. I discovered this experience amazingly, fulfilling, and the information that I had any kind of effect, anyway little, was installment enough.

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It was likewise essential to remove my feelings from the occupants to complete my work accurately. While at Grand Haven and Brookdale, I picked up certainty and experience when managing powerless grown-ups, ingraining in me further the desire to qualify as a social specialist. Filling in as an independent head has likewise added to my self-improvement, requesting me to be composed, have an immaculate eye for detail and extraordinary timekeeping. My obligations included doing fundamental authoritative abilities, for example, recording, feeding the residents, and assisting the residents needs and so on. This job expected me to act naturally, adequate and oversee myself, by creating work of an elevated requirement. This job improved my association by composing velocity and hardworking attitude essentially. These are abilities that I expect will profit me in my future vocation.

The motivation for pursuing the MSW degree

I sought after a graduate degree for two reasons to get a higher learning level of training. I accept that getting an advanced education will make me increasingly attractive in the corporate world. I will probably expand my viewpoint further and open my professional goals (that are generally blocked) while upgrading critical thinking and basic leadership abilities. I’m hoping that by seeking a level of higher learning I will get upgraded aptitudes that will empower me to be a greater amount of resource for a group once I enter the social work workforce. I genuinely accept that without the information quality and inspiration from inside, I would not have endeavored such an intense move. I invest heavily in realizing that I am making the initial phase in the correct choice just as a course towards arriving at new statures. A graduate program will be both a challenge and a significant accomplishment to me. I trust I have the capacity and inspiration to add to an extraordinary assemblage of scholarly knowledge in the graduate program. Given the opportunity, I will be a significant resource. During my time in graduate school, I would like to find the opportunity to learn, create, and advance as an individual and a family life educator. I am organized and envision contributing myself, my time, and my imperativeness toward picking up that degree.

Statement for professional goal

My long term goal objective is to help teach families as well as the elderly population as an Executive Director of a non-profit organization. I love helping people, that has been my passion since I was a kid. In the future, I want to work with adult protective services or case management to provide necessary resources to adults and/or seniors in the community. While reading for the Master’s program, I would like to build up the instruction and range of abilities to arrive at my objectives. I need to turn into a compelling and imaginative expert who can give viable instruction and avoidance techniques for families through strategic recommendations that my office can give. I need to turn into a person of high, good and moral measures whose office can work as a change operator in my community.

The expectation of attending a Christian college

My expectation for attending a Christian college is first having classes that are instructed by educators and not instructor collaborators. This can make an environment where understudies can become more acquainted with their educators and maintain a strategic distance from the probability of being lost in the group. This guarantees that understudies are bound to get training as opposed to only a degree. What’s more, secondly being encompassed by individuals who offer your confidence and worth framework can be extremely interesting. It gives Christian individuals something in like manner and can make a network feel that it is difficult to duplicate at bigger, mainstream schools.

Social Problem

Child abuse incorporates achieving something or fails to achieve something that results in harm to an adolescent. According to the Lutheran Church of Missouri, Child abuse has physical, energetic, or mental and sexual abuse similarly as disregard. Child abuse causes a wide extent of issues for kids. A risk is that the youth will be genuinely hurt or killed. Regardless, most abused children persevere through more situations than physical hurt. Abused youths will, as a rule, perform increasingly more violent at school and have higher paces of pre-adult crimes. They experience a higher likelihood of drugs and alcohol use and related issues similarly to significantly higher paces of passionate health issues, for instance, wretchedness, pressure and reckless thoughts.

Child abuse can have the whole deal of physical, social and energetic issues (The Lutheran Church of Missouri, No Date). For me, as my need is to be able to get the kids to security. There are numerous protected safe houses all through the nation to help accomplish this. Through jobs, for example, as a social worker, I can utilize their compassion and social affectability to enable these kids to comprehend that they are not the only ones getting maltreated and it’s not their fault. I can likewise go about by doing positive good examples and help ease the pressure as well as make children feel comfortable.

Ethical Challenge

My ethical challenge I have encountered in my professional field was when I worked at dollar general. I worked at dollar general for 2 years. I transferred to different stores 3 times. One of the times I had to transfer was because I had no choice. I had no choice but to leave because I had to deal with an ethical challenge called toxic workplace culture/ emotional abuse. My manager at this specific dollar general was very toxic to all her employees, as well as very unprofessional. She took credit for everything all the employees did and belittled the employees. And if someone would report her she would cut down there hours so low to the point of they had no choice but to leave the company or transfer out. For example she scheduled a meeting at the last minute and didn’t know one about it. Then when no one showed or was late to the meeting she yelled at us. Then she took us into the backroom and would scream at us so loud the customers could hear her. I got yelled at in the meeting because of a misunderstanding. She called me a slob, unorganized, and a slow worker. After the meeting I called the regional manager and explained to her what happened she instantly investigated.

The regional manager also suggests I write down what happened in the meeting so I could have evidence of what happened. However turns out 2 other coworkers in the meeting also reported her about how she reacted towards me. They also told the regional manager that I basically was the only one in the meeting that was being yelled at, which was actually true. So because 3 people reported what happened in the meeting the regional manager wrote up the store manager twice. After the store manager was written up I got transferred to a better store and was very happy. The regional manager told me that the way I handled the situation was respectful and professional because I could’ve did worse which would’ve resulted in me being fired. I am actually glad I handled it the way I did because it showed that I know how to handle things under pressure. I never let what the store manager say to me affect my character because I knew I wasn’t any of the things that she said.

Recognition of Challenges

One of the most critical difficulties is this idea about accomplishing more with less. The scope of duties regarding social workers keeps on developing exponentially, however the quantity of representatives doesn’t develop. Every social worker must be both a small scale and a full scale person. As the necessities of our surroundings pull at social workers and truly stretch assets, it’s increasingly harder for social workers to discover great mentors. The work that social workers do is difficult work since you collaborate with so a lot of torment. Whatever domain the social worker is in, they wind up interfacing with a great deal of troublesome encounters. So as to keep individuals new and energetic in this work, they need time to deal with themselves; they need time to converse with others about what they’re encountering.


Specific Changes I will have to make to accommodate the rigor of the MSW Program is first finding time for everything. I realize Grad school will test my time , particularly if I’m working while at the same time. Most importantly graduate school will assimilate a great deal of my time, pressing me for vitality and center in aspects of my life where I may not anticipate it. The steps I will take is Ask myself what tedious assignments I can deal with before the school year starts and plan and execute frameworks to streamline errands, tasks, dinners, physical exercise, and other basic tasks. The second accommodation I will take is business. Working while considering, particularly in the event that I endeavor to do one or both full-time will require some adaptability on the two fronts. I may confront impressively more strain than both of these interests would typically induce on their own. But on the off chance that I make a few strides I will be fine.

The means are talk about my arrangements to return to class with my manager at an early stage. Mention to my job what I plan to accomplish in doing as such and talk about how my objectives identify with my position. Lastly I can also ultimately set up my supervisor for my progress back to class by telling them my course plan and any new restrictions I will have outside your work hours. The third accommodation I will take is my own life. The impacts that graduate school can have on your own life are the hardest to foresee and the most hard to alter to. Although the following steps will help accommodate my calendar: I will examine how I can set myself up, my family, and my friends for the impacts graduate school will have on them. Lastly examine my thoughts with loved ones and think of an arrangement or consent to adjust the requests of school and my personal life.

Setting Boundaries

Finally how an applicant can set and maintain boundaries to deal with the stresses identified is first dedicate time to exercises that support me. Investing energy with family or friends, viewing a film, journaling, meditating, working out, or different redirections that can re-invigorate me to continue pushing towards getting my master’s degree. I realize I need to permit energy for rest, too. Lastly If I wind up battling myself to look after boundaries, I can think about looking for help from authorized psychologists to comprehend my behavior and work through my thoughts completely.


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