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The Story of an Hour Compare Contrast

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Till Death Do Us Part
Society teaches women that love and marriage go hand in hand but this is not always the reality. Throughout history women haven’t always been able to choose whether or not to marry. For example, in Kate Chopin’s “The Story of An Hour”, Louise Mallard did not possess the ability to choose the circumstances involved in her marriage. In contrast, Matt Groening’s “The Simpsons”, Marge Simpson lives in a time where women possess many more rights and choices in dealing with their personal life.

Due to these circumstances Louise and Marge have different perspectives about marriage and their role within it. The perspectives that Louise has developed are based largely on the restrictions of her time. Society during Louise’s time deemed that women must get married. If Louise had her choice she would choose not to be married. It’s clear from the moment Louise closes her bedroom door and rejoices that she is free at last.

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The Story of an Hour Compare Contrast
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While, Louise does love Brentley, often she did not and this is mentioned in the story as well. Louise valued her independence over her marriage. Marge is born into a different time period that allows women the freedom to make their own choices. This allows Marge the luxury to decide if she wants to marry as society wouldn’t consider her an outcast if she chose to remain single. However, Marge obviously believes in marriage and chooses to marry Homer, despite all his faults, because she truly loves him. While she does often get frustrated at her situation, Marge does not appear to feel as though she is stuck, but rather embraces her role as a wife and the choice to be one. The underlying difference to both of these women and their somewhat oppressed circumstances comes down to choice. Louise feels she does not have a choice whether or not to marry because of the pressures society puts on women in her time. She resents that she cannot be self-assertive in the affairs of her life and that she has to rely on a man to take care of such things. However, Marge chooses to be married. She willingly takes on the role of being a wife, and the duties of being a housewife, and although somewhat reluctantly, letting her husband handle the family affairs.

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