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The Tell Tale Heart analysis

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Firstly the plot of the story conveys the horror and tension because Poe has in clouded a murder and that is a big part of the gothic genre and also has included dark sees this tells us that it is a horror and gothic story making the reader feel tensed. The setting of the story creates the gothic genre of the story because most ho error stories are set in a random house, at night with normally two characters, a m ruddier and a victim.

Also the darkness and the isolation of the chamber, and the old man was reified ‘for the shutters were close fastened, through fear of robbers’ at which h the narrator chuckled at because the real tension and fear was inside the chamber The structure of the story, builds up the tension and atmosphere because pop e uses peaks and troughs of different climaxes throughout the story bringing up tens ion and slowing it down again, for example the reader feels calm at the start of the stop rye with long sentences and repetition ‘slowly very, very slowly’ doing this for seven nigh TTS, making the reader feel tensed as to what is going to happen because this is a mammon part on horror stories when the narrator opens the door of the chamber so the at no one hears them.

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The Tell Tale Heart analysis
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However the climax is built up again on the eighth night when the e eye opens, Poe describes what the old man is feeling and describing how nervous he was which makes the reader feel nervous and tension is built by doing this. Also o n the eighth night is when the death scene occurs so the horror is built up more an d then when it is finished the reader is calm again until the police officers come and t he orator is feeling tensed again using short, quick sentences and words and al so adding a lot of punctuation to match the sound of his heart beating.

The characterization and viewpoint of the story is a big part of creating tension n, this is because a nameless narrator is used to tell the story this builds suspense, for example right away the narrator addresses the reader, dreads Lully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that am mad? ” the reader is instantly drawn into the story and its tension and must decide is the narrator reliable? S he mad? And these questions put the reader on edge. Also at the end of the story the n orator shows his arrogance because he sits right on top of the floorboards where the e mans body was buried and shows that he is proud of his crime by letting the officer s search for the victim and this builds tension for the reader as they do not know what is going to happen. The style and language is the most important in keeping the atmosphere alive adding more tension to the story.

As a horror story, that focuses on the subject of ins Anita and ruder, Poe uses certain words and phrases that give off the sense of horror, darkness and evil, some of the words Poe uses in the story are ‘destroyed’, ‘hell’, ‘haunt deed’ ‘terror, and ‘hideous’ have a powerful effect on the story and the reader as the words create and atmosphere filled with fear and terror, as they are not used lightly when describing something, these words add more tension and horror to the story and the area deer mind. In a point of the story the narrator refers to the beating of the heart of the ma n as ‘a low, lull, quick sound’ this was used to quicken the pace of the story and create at mesosphere in the story. Throughout the story, Poe repeats certain words. This helps MME hassle the thought process of the narrator. He often says “very, very” when recounting e vents.

The effect of repetition also indicates the “acuteness of his senses” that is, his Greg at sensitivity to everything going around him. This sensitivity, in turn, is what ca sees him to be so irritated by the old man’s eye. It is not only just a repetition of certain w rods, but Also a repetition in sentence structure, for example ‘l moved it slowly very, eve rye slowly the repetition emphasizes the atmosphere and tension. Poe also increases the e pace by using a caesura at the end when the narrator was pacing around trying to hid e the crime ‘l foamed I raved I swore! ‘ this adds to the effect of increasing pace in the stop rye and creating atmosphere in the climax at the end. Also Poe uses a multicultural who ICC shows that the narrator was losing his mind.

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