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The Theme in the Novel the Outsiders

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Exposition is a description or an explanation of a idea or theory. The main characters are Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry. The setting in the book is in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1950. The major conflict in the book is that is the clash between the poor Greasers and the rich Socs and Ponyboy struggles mature. Ponyboy struggles to me mature is because he killed a Soc and blames people that they killed the Soc. This book is person vs person because it was the Greasers and the Soc’s.

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The Theme in the Novel the Outsiders
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Climax is the most intense, exciting or important point of something. The most climatic thing in the story is when Johnny killing a Soc during a fight, because it is one of the biggest problems in the story. The events that lead up to the rising action is that Ponyboy hides out with Jonny so he doesn’t get arrested. They end up finding their own hideout is on fire and they are risking their lives to save these children that gets trapped inside.

Resolution is all the problems are complete. The story problem in the story is that it is solved because Ponyboy blamed Jonny that he smoked cigarettes which are illegal to all the minors. The events that lead up to the falling action is when Johnny dies, Dally dies, and Ponyboy gets sick and then gets a visit from Cherry and Randy. The resolution is when Pony is acquitted after several Socs testify at hearing that it was not him who killed the Soc.

The theme in the novel The Outsiders is to watch your actions! Soda and Ponyboy’s parents died and they can’t get into trouble or they will be sent away because, Darry is there guardian. Johnny killed a Soc and everyone is blaming it on Pony Boy but there is nothing they can do because Johnny ends up passing away. The reason why they blamed it on Pony Boy is because so Johnny doesn’t get sent away. This theme relates to me because I need to watch my actions in school, home, and everywhere. If you don’t watch your actions then you will do something bad.

The second theme in the novel The Outsiders is never judge the Greasers. The Soc’s where judging the Greaser on how they were acting. The reason why the Socs and the Greasers dislike each other so much is because they don’t understand each other. The Greasers hate the Socs because the greasers think they are week. This relates to me because I always get judged on my looks. But I judge on how people treat other people and how they treat me.

My thoughts on this novel is that it was kinda hard to understand on what was going on and what was happening in the novel. In my opinion I did like it I was confused in some of the of the parts that was in the novel. The author did well on making it sound like the characters were talking and how he put drama into the novel. What the author could of done better on in the novel is that he could of done more action in the story and made it more interesting. I think the people who should read this book are all the freshmen because they can maybe relate to decisions they make well they are young and how with each decision there may be bad or good consequences depending on what choices they make. Overall I like this book.

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