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The Three Ethical Perspectives

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  • Pages 2
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    Define and contrast the three ethical perspective? “Relativism is the idea that one’s belief and values are understand in terms of one’s society culture or even one’s own individual values” (Moser). All around the world people do things different such as eat different, speak different language even their religion custom are different. What might be right in one’s country could be right in another. For example in USA we eat beef but in India eating beef is against their religion. “Motives rejects the idea that we can appeal to any sort of objective moral facts”(Moser). We can also go as far as saying do what you feel.

    For example I was raised that the bible say homosexuality is wrong and some say there nothing wrong with homosexuality. As I got older came to the conclusion that we can’t judge they have to answer to God for theme selves. If that’s how they chose to live who are we to judge. My attitude for this is to each his own. “Ethical egoism adopts the perspective that we should do whatever is in our own self- interest”(Moser). As humans were motivated by our own interest and desire of what we want out this world. For example I will use me going back to college for my own self-interest, doing what makes me happy and good for me.

    Also we have people murdering a rich relative to inherit whatever they have will to them. How do the perspective different from the ethical theories? The ethical perspective theory must be directed toward a common good and ethical theories try to achieve their common goals to be successful. What does each ethical perspective tell us about morality and virtue? Motives do what you feel is right. Ethical egoism do what is best for you, we should act in our own interest. Relativism doing what your religion or culture say is right. A issue that occurred in a nearby community in the last five years is a corrupt police force.

    Were not suppose to be afraid of the police, they are in service to protect and serve us and abuse the community. They were taken people money when they got pull over and abusing the females for their own interest. After reading about the different ethical perspective I will apply ethical egoism.

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