The Unlived Life of J. Alfred Prufrock

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As people look back to past experiences in their life what do they desire to retrieve? Do they desire to retrieve a fantastic life full of expieriences. or a life where they ne’er truly lived? The subject of the unlived life in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock manifests through the storyteller as he truly embodies the realistic fact that some people out there are introverted. life in fright. and worrying to much about what society does non O.K. of them. Life is non traveling to populate for one. one must populate for life.

Invagination is presented throughout The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and presents how one person’s fright can restrict their life. The character of J. Alfred Prufrock displays this property when he states. “And I have known the eyes already. known them all – The eyes that fix you in a formulated phrase. And when I am formulated. sprawling on a pin. When I am pinned and writhing on the wall” ( Lines 55-58 ) . This quote gives readers the sense of Prufrock’s true insecurities. It besides provides grounds into how he wanted to intermix in and non truly socialise at all.

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Prufrock once more provinces. “There will be clip. there will be clip to fix a face to run into the faces that you meet“ This shows how prufrock did non experience ready for society. another signifier of introversy. It besides procides penetration into the fact that Prufrock seperated himself from people and that he fealt unready for interaction. Last Prufrock once more provinces. “And so there will be timeTo admiration. ‘Do I dare? ‘ and. ‘Do I make bold? ‘“ This hsows how Prufrock was so alienated from society and how introspective he was. It besides gives a sense of hope and a privation to interrupt this introversy with the statements of “Do I dare “ .

Another clear point that is presented by the Author is Prufrock’s life of fright. As Prufrock said. “With a bald topographic point in the center of my hair They will state: ‘How his hair is turning thin! ‘” ( Lines 40-41 ) This statement shows how prifrock was so insecure and afraid of what people think. It besides shows his clear fright of rejection. Prufrock once more provinces. “They will state: “But how his weaponries and legs are thin! ” ( line 44 ) This statement proves the fact that once more Prufrock is genuinely afraid of society. It besides shows His entire insecurities. Last Prufrock says. ”Streets that follow like a boring statement Of insidious intent“ ( Line 8-9 ) once more Prufrock. shows that he even fears the streets of his vicinity. It besides shows how his fright makes him even afraid of the street.

Last presented was the badgering of what society thinks. And I have known the weaponries already. known them all – Weaponries that are braceleted and white and au naturel [ But in the lamplight. downed with light brown hair! ] This statement shows his complete fright of what society will believe. It shows how he about feels trapped by society’s outlooks. Prufrock besides states. ”Shall I portion my hair behind? Do I make bold to eat a Prunus persica? I shall have on white flannel pants. and walk upon the beach. ”

This shows how he wants to be set free but does non experience as though it is a possibility. it besides shows the fact that prufrock wanted to be free with himself and unrecorded but was tied down. Last he says “Time for you and clip for me. And clip yet for a 100 indecisivenesss. And for a 100 visions and alterations. Before the pickings of a toast and tea. “ This last quotation mark shows how he feels the demand to revise himself for society. Besides this shows his insecurities due to society’s force per unit area.

In decision the subject of the unlived life in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock comes through as the storyteller embodies the realistic fact that some people out there are introverted. life in fright. and worrying to much about what society does non O.K. of them. It shows that fright becomes an enemy to life and is a constituent in the hurt of a person’s societal position and good being.

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