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The War Between the Classes Essay

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The War Between the Classes is an excellent book written by Gloria D. Miklowitz. It is about a high-school class that plays the “Color Game”. In the game, there are four social classes which are represented by armbands: Blues – highest, richest; Dark Greens – upper-middle class, semi-rich; Light Greens – lower-middle class, semi-poor; Oranges – lowest class, very poor. To further split up the classes, there are the superior sex, Teks(females), and the inferior sex, No-Teks(males). There are also groups of Color Game “policemen”, which are older students who played the game in previous years.

They record the students’ activities, and record any good or bad behavior, which can result in demotions or promotions.

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The War Between the Classes
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The Color Game runs like this: Lower classes, or No-Teks, must bow when they meet eyes with a higher class, or Tek. Higher classes can give orders to lower classes. Lower classes may not speak to a higher class unless spoken to, and can only reply in a short answer.

You must have your armband and journal with you at all times.

The main character in this book is Emiko “Amy” Sumoto. She comes from a Japanese family, and her parents believe she should keep the family going by marrying a Japanese boy. Instead, she is interested in a rich, white boy names Adam, which is the opposite of her. In the Color Game, all the Latinos in the class turn out to be high colors, and rich whites end up as lower colors, which are all planned out by their teacher. Although she is used to being treated as a lower person in real life, along with the rest of the Latinos, she doesn’t feel right with the power she has, being one of the most powerful people in the class. She decides to try and unite all the colors to an equal rank. After being demoted from Blue to Orange with Adam, she plans to post “Unite All Colors” posters all over the school, and make quad-colro armbands for all students to wear. Finally she succeeds in doing this, and unites the whole school as one.

My favorite part of this book is when Amy and her friend Juan sneak into the school at night and post the posters all over the school. I like this part because it sounds very fun to do, and it’s the only actual action part or the book.

I would definitely recommend this book to a friend, although most of my friends are reading it right now. I would recommend it because it acts as a very good teacher about stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. Plus, it is shown through the eyes of a person who is almost at the bottom of the social classes, and is the same age as we will be in a few years. It shows what life when you’re older can really be like.

The War Between the Classes, Gloria D. Miklowitz

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