The War Between The Classes Short Summary

In the book The War Between The Classes, the theme of the book was to teach the reader through the characters the ways to overcome the prejudices of society. Through the characters the author showed that people could still unite despite their ethnic background or class. It showed how males and females are treated differently just because of their sex. For example, when that had the Teks or male beauty contest the guys really started to realize how it is for women and what we fell like being judged on looks. Some of the guys said at the end that now they realize it is for women and they said their going to think twice about how they treat women form now on. . It also showed how the kids used the color game to unite as one society instead of segregated classes. For example, when Amy and Juan were demoted to orange, the other oranges learned to accept them even though they were lower class and minorities. In addition, when Amy wanted to plan a rally all the light greens and oranges came together regardless of what the rules of classes were. Also, when Juan wanted to have everyone at his house to prepare for the rally the wealthy white kids didnt even mind that he was a Latino and wasnt a high class white, and still wanted to go to his house. They came together as one new class of whites and minorities and showed that it doesnt matter what color your skin is or if your poor or wealthy, they showed that its the person who really matters and that not every one in one whole ethnic group is the same. That everyone with in that group is different and original.

I think that Mr. Otero was trying to teach his students what its like for minorities or lower class societies. He showed the richer white kids what it was like to have to bow down to the higher-class citizens, and showed the minorities what it was like to have power and be treated with respect. I think that Mr. Otero succeeded greatly with Amy and her friends because they really seem to have gotten the point of his class at the end of the game. Out of all of Amys friends I believe that Justin had learned the most from his experience. One reason I feel this way is because at the beginning he wouldnt follow the rules and didnt want to play the game, but at the end he realized how it was for the minorities and understood the way they felt. I dont think that anyone learned the least because all of Mr. Oteros students despite their gender, ethnic background, or class. I think that Amy and Adams eyes were open the most and I think that their experience was the most permanent. This happened because even though they were going out they had to try to work around that to follow the rules. They both learned that despite of their nationality or status that they could still be together, and I think that because it was so hard for them that it will leave the biggest imprint in them. Mr. Otero did a good job teaching the students how it is in the real world.

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