The Way You Treat Yourself Sets the Standard for Others

“The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others” Everyone is different,unique and this are only some reasons for witch we must respect each over. But can we have a such feeling for a person who doesn’t respect hirself? I think that we are treated in the same way that we think that deserve. A person who knows her value,who has her own ideas about life and know how to made from them a reality always will be succesfull,surrounded of people who listen to her,who appreciate her like a personality. elationships always are based on the same values:respect,understanding and patience and when you meet a new person don’t ferget about it. Selfconfidence is also very important,but it only must help you to defend your ideas,but not to debase someone. Remember that you are a unique person,respect yourself. Testul. 1. (CIVILIZATIE)”Tourism is becoming increasingly important as a source of revenue to many countries but its disadvantages shouldn’t be overlooked” Tourism can be very profitable Testul 2. (CIVILIZATIE) “How would you describe your country or region and the people who live there? I live in a very small,but beautiful country. Moldovian’s hills,forests,rivers,villages have something special,something that make you to fill in safe,in peace. Always when I have a hard moment the nature from this territories gives me power and silence for my soul. The nature is a friend for every moldavian,it has been defending our nation for ages. People who live in this country kow what means to work hardly,to lose somethink important for you,to be poor. In stead of the nature’s beauty many people must fight everyday to exist,to have food,and this make them understanding and prepared to help you in need.

I love my country and I hope it will become a better place fos us. Testul. 2. (ESEU) “The internet has forever changed the way we live. ” Internet is one of the most useful invention that ever has existed. Using it you can make so easy,so quickly and so many things. It is a source of information that never will end. Everything you want to learn you can find with it help. Because of it you can also find interesting people,or can speak with those you love a lot but aren’t near you. Internet has a lot of advantages,but are persons who use it only to make bad thinks.

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With blackmails,public humiliations,(the.. )it can become an unsafe place for us. Children are usually victims of these persons,because they are more credulous,dremer. If we are carefully and use it for a rezonable where internet will become a wonderful world where everything a so simple. Testu. 3. (CIVILIZATIE) “Speake about one of the holidays celebrated in Great Britain/moldova/USA in great detail. Cristmas is one of the most beautiful Holiday that are celebrated all around the world. The day celebrates Jesus Christ’s birth,but every country have their own traditions in this day. ome weeks before this holiday people decorate a Christmas tree,their houses and gardens. In USA are many villages that make from this custom a contest :”whom house is the brightest? ”. Christmas is an occasion to organize special events:partie,concerts or performances. In this day usually all family meet at a Christmas denner,where is prepared special meal(consisting of turkey in USA)and ather delicious,including sponge cake. The exchange gefts,sing Christmas song,but children receive gifts from Santa Claus or Mos Craciun. Testul. 3. ESEU) “There is almost nothing in our lives that is not touched by language” Comunication has a very important role in our society,because on it are based all the relationships,starting with friendship and ending this diplomatic relation. The language that we speak is are of our biggest value. Becuse of it we can express our feelings and thoughts,can open our soulto demonstrate everuone that we are wanderfull persons. we learn and then demonstrate our knowledges,we can find a job and like a personality. And all these we can do only thanks to our language.

Words are only some stones in our hand,but with them we can built,can make amazing things. Testul. 6. (CIVILIZATIE) “Can you name any place in Great Britain wich is internationally known? ” Great Britain has an amasing history and a very beautiful relief. One of the best known place in this country is Loch Ness. This lake isfamous for it’s monster,because many people sow there a trange creatur,but it can’t be demonstrate. Another wonderful place is Stonehenge. it represents a prehistoric stone circle that is belived to have been constructed around 3100 BC. The site is full of mystery,because it is ot known what purpose it served and how it was built. London hide so many places that you have to see. Big Ben,London Eye,Buckingham Palace,Tower Bridge are famouse all around the world for their unique beauty. Testul. 6. (ESEU) “The future role of tehnology in the world” Tehnologies play a very important role in our life in our days,but after some years it become an indispensable part from our activity,society. Tehnologies make our life easier,because usually mechanical machines and computers make the hardiest people’s work. Their activity also is more qualitative and cheaper and this do their use more profitable and simple.

All the tehnologies were made to help to the people,but soon we will become theirs slavers. They take many so many jobs,for witch a lot of persons remained without a job. Computers are usually our best friends,because they can help us in any problem. This thing change us,make us to become lazier,closed in a virtual work that sometime seems so real. tehnologies can help us only if we know how to use this,otherwise they can turn our life into a wrong way. Testul. 8. (CIVILIZATIE) “Describe some things which are associated with the Scots. ” Scotland is a part,a country from U. K that are situated in the northern part of island.

Its capital is Edinburg,that is one of the biggest financial center from Europe. The national symbol of Scotland is the thistle. Scottish people enjoy a very rich culture. Music,dance and national costumes have a very important role in it. A famous traditional instrument is the Great Highland Bagpipe. The song that are played at this instruments special and unique,because only in Scotland you can listen them. National costumes are defferent from any other because men and women wear a long,in squares skirt. There are a lot of wonderful places in Scotland,like Wallace Monument,stirling Castle and they deserve to be seen.

Testul. 8. (ESEU) “We are using up the earth’s natural resources faster than ever. ” Thanks to earth’s natural resources our society can change in a better way. All the technologies that we have nowdays work because they use like fuel or are made from substances which were found in earth. starting with stones,sands and finishing with oil and gold they all can disappear if are used faster and without an important sense. In our days everyone can have a car,warm or cold water,gas in their houses,This thing take to disastrous losses of natural resourches.

Scientist try to discover new,synthetic substances,wich can replace the natural ones,but at first people must change their way of thinking. We must learn how to recycle and understand the importance of all the resources that give us earth. Only this will can enjoy them a long period of time. Testul. 9. (CIVILIZATIE ) “Use your knowledge to present interesting facts about the British royal Family” British monarchy is represented by the Royal Family. Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth is the head of the family and one of the best known and most potent symbols of British monarchy.

Her Majesty is 86 years old,but she is the constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states. The queen is only a formal ruler because her power is limitated by a constitution and most of her function are symbolic. Buckingham palace is the official London residence of her Majesty,but there are o lot of another buildings that belong to Royal Family. The members of this family also must respect a very strict protocol,must participate in hundreds of public engagements,to make donations,charity,and at first the must be an axample for all af us. British Royal Family is one of the biggest and most powerful monarchy family all around the world.

Testul . 9. (ESEU) “A good reputation is more valuable then money” We live in a world that are ruled by money. Usually the persons that have money,have also friends,are respected and appreciated for anything that make. Unfortunately,all this can end,when the money ends. Such people can sometimes understand that have around them only persons who love their bank account and pot a warm or smart personality. Money is fleeting,and only real feeling can remain in our soul over the years. When you are honest,funny,understanding,kind,when you have a good behavior people around you will respect for your way to be.

When people give you their goodwill without expecting something in return,you can fell that are a lucky person,because only such things are really. The impressions that have another people about us are very important,because they form our reputations. Agood one always will help in hard moments. Even we depend on money,sometimes it isn’t important. The way that you behavior can be and modest Testul. 10.. (CIVILIZATIE) “What famous people of the USA are you impressed by? Abracam Lincoln was a very important person in USA’s politics and thanks to him started the development,modernization of USA.

He was tha sixteenth president of United States. He had bee in the head of the country only during five years,but we can say that heplayed an impressive role in USA’s history. Whwn he was president in USA was the civil war,between North and South part of the country. This war was win by the North part,and this took to many chabges in the south’ssociety,appeared a lot of new rulws that defended poor people too,which gave them more right. Abracam Lincoln was killed after some days after the end of the war by a nam,who was a supporter of the South. Testul . 10. ESEU)”Leisure is time for doing something useful. ” Time is that thing which we never had. Every day appear a fousand of extremely important things that we must do. when we are on holidays we have all the day free,only for us,and what we do? We start the days with TV continue it with the computer and finish it with a good film also at TV. Maybe this will relax our mind,but it isn’t truemwe only will fell more tired. Leisure is time for doing something that will help us in the future,for relaxing. When we read a book,or walk in the park,or physical exercises we develop our mind,physical and mental health.

It’s more useful for our life to go outside and to descover new places,new person when we can free time. If we stay home we will find a lot of unnecessary things to do and after a full day,we will fell exhausted of doing nothing. Testul. 11. (CIVILIZATIE) “Whay do you think the English language is taugh in many countries of the world” English is spoken in some of the must powerful countries like the USA,United Kindom,Canada. Their economic and cultural influence is extremely high,large and it was expected that their language will become an international one.

People who know English can go anywhere,because they are sure that will can understand the persons who will server them,and not only. English is the language of international buissines,projects,turism. Knowledge of English aren’t something related withfashion,it’s a necessity. Testul . 11. (ESEU) “A heart that loves is always young” Love is that feeling which can change the world,can move the mountains and can drive away all the clouds. Sometimes love make us stronger,smarter younger. Childred are the persons that have the purest feelings,and our love real,is from our soul,we become like them.

We can make mistakes,crazy things,can be extremely happy and sad at the same moment . Our time stops in that second when we realize that felt in love,and people around us problems and worries,fears,disappear. This feeling is maintain us alive,it gives us powers to fight with the evil which can appear in our life. It also gives us a reason to live,and as lons as we will have this reason we will have a full of life heart a younger one. Testul. 12. (Civilizatie) “Every nation has own custom and traditions. Haw can you explain why people keep up their tradition and practice them for centuries? A “nation” means a group of people who are united by a common history,language,territory and traditions. All the traditions and custums that are resected,keep uo by a nation mirror people’s soul,their artistic way of thinking. They describe our life,our hard or happy moments. They create a connection with our ancestor(forbears) and make us feel like an important part of a wonderful nation. Traditions also are a part of our childhood,we were educated to keep up them,as were educated our parents. They are in our blood and for us respecting a traditions is an obligation or a necessity. Testul. 12. ESEU) “Your time,energy,relationships,and finances are your most valuable aseets. Handling them wisely anhances your ability to succeed. ” Everyone has the possibility to achieve success,but it depends on how we use all that our life gives us. Even in the most difficult moments we can do something useful to be closer to our dreams. Time should be one of biggest supporter in our way. Every second is very important,because it can change our life completely. Every lived day must be a lesson for us,because we can learn from everything that happen around. People who we meet have a very big influence.

They can help us in need with a good advice,with a honest smile,even with money. Every relationship that we have:change our manner of being,way of thinking,because we usually take the best from everyone. Finances also have a big importance. Without them we can’t do all that we want and for this we must learn how to handling them wisely. We can’t do anything without energy. It is one of our secret ingredient for a successful life. We should sleep at time,to have a rest for our body and soul sometimes. This will make us ready to do new things,ready to start a successful way.

Testul. 13. (CIVILIZATIE) “Think of some people who have excelled in the world of music,art and cinema. Write about one of them. ” When I tfhink about an amaizing artist I first remember Michael Jackson. He was named “King of Pop”for his contribution to music,dance,and fashion. He was unique and he could change people’s thinking about a song,a dance,a viseo or a outfit for a concert. He was a special person because he never feared to express himself,to show everybody how are his heart. He was fell of new things and this is one of the reasons because he was loved so much.

Michael won hundress of awards all around the world,but he never forgot about doing charity. He donated more than 300 milion dollars. Nowdays music would not be the same without this extremilly talented person,ot;s a big loss his death. Testul . 13. (ESEU) “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives” Nowdays communication became an indispensable part of our life . Thanks to it we make acquaintances we learn new things,we defend our way of thinking and life. Communication isn’t only whenyou tell somebody something,because there are a lot of other ways to express yourself.

Yhe most important thing is to be understood correctly by everyone. such qualities can help you a lot. Popl who know how to defend their ideas are always respected and they will make their wishis true easier. When you say somethink you should be conceided in your powers,in your abilities. You are a wonderful person and if you realize this in front of you will open a new successful world. Testul. 14. (CIVILIZATIE) “What are the main values of the European Union? ” The UE was established to unite powerful,democratical countries and to create a favorable atmosphere for all the people that lives in these countries.

This union has developed a single market,where are permitted the free movement of people,goods,services,capital. Member state also have a common politicies on trade,agriculture,fisheries and regional development. Yhese countries have a monetary union,the eurozone,where the main currency are euro. In the European Union zone are respected and defended human rights,and people have a safe life. Testul. 14. (ESEU) “Good maniers aren’t natural and have to be taught. In today’s society,you see disrespectful acts on television,in movies and in your everyday life.

Thay;s why it’s so easy for a teenager to get caught in the trap of rudeness. All students should be taught etiquette in scolls. When you make good manners a habit,they will server you throughout life” Good maners will never be old-fashioned. A respectful behavior always helps to achive the goals you have. A successful manager,even a good employee needs to know how to show him-self in a better way,how to behave with people that are around. This isn’t a skill with wich we were born,but it’s something that we can learn and that can become part of our life.

Ourdays is difficult to maintain good manners because we are surrounded by violence,hatred,egoism. We try to survive and slowly become a person without soul,we forget what means honesty,respect,understanding,compassion. We can solve this problem with a good education at home and at school. At first,parents play the most important role in bulding their children’s personality. They must teach us not only how to do the first steps or to speak,but how to pass throughtout life correct,easier,how to not be influenced by another people or events.

If in the family,parents aren’t responsible and don’t take care of their children. some lessons at school about etiquette will be useful. Maybe in this way our society will change and everybody will learn how to respect other’s ideas and wishes. Testul . 16. (CIVILIZATIE) “What changes in present-day schools would you propose to make them more effective for educating pupils? ” Schools are those places where are built the futurw. They educate the society,but how to receive a better education? I think that in present-days we learn too many things. We can’t remember all that we hear in school years.

Will be better if we learn things that will need and use all the life. We also need more lessons that will teach us how to solve all the problems that can appear in our life. When we finish the school we know so many things,but rarely we understand haw to use them. At some abjects we need more practical lessons not only theory. Will be wonderful to have lessons about different job and even tomake some tours to different factories and companies. This will help us to choose correctly our future occupation. At school we also should learn haw to express freely our ideas,for this will be useful some lessons of debate.

These are only some changes that I think can make schools more effective for educating pupils. Testul . 16. (ESEU) “Earth Day should be every day. ” Earth is our home and we must defend and keep it clean always. Every year all around the world are celebrated Earth Day. In this day are made flash-mobs ,different ecological events,even we try to use less natural resources. Thanks to this are made a small step to a better world,but we all understand that one day is not enough to safe it. Why don’t people think about our future life when throw away different waste in forests and rivers or when use to much water and natural gas?

Only in one day we can’t repair all that we make during a year. If we understand that our health,job and future life depend on the environment where we live we will be more responsible. We must take care of it always. What can we do? We should collect paper,plastic,glass and process them. This will save so many trees. We also must think about the water that use. Sometimes we pollute to much. These are only some small things that can save the Earth. Testul 15Eseu “Writ about the effect of a parent,teacher,or friend on your life” When I think of my ohildhood,I umenber my grandmather’s mother.

She was an amaizing woman,a good example for any small girl. Now I understand that she had a very big influence in my education and thanks fo her I am a such person. She grea up three generations in our family and always knw how to develop our personality,to change us in a better way. For me is a mystery how she could be so colen in difficult situations. She had a very hard life,with a lot of enemies around. There were moments when she hadn’t something to eat or somebody to help her,but dhe knew how to move forward. I think that she found the puwer into the religion and this she tried to each me too. She ahways said to not judge people,to forgive ,to be kind and honest. She was in peace with herself,becouse invide her bit a pure heart. When I am in trouble and think that my life can finish because of in. I am thinking of my granny and understand that there are so many fairy things in our life and all the problems which appear in our life only help us to become strouger. Testul15. Civilizatie “What are the major events of national and social importance which are traditionally celebrated in the USA? ” The most important event that are celebrated in the USA is indepemdence day.

This federal holiday commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July,4. This day is accompanied by parades, official speeches of the politicians,amaring fircuork shows and diffeunt parties in families. Memorial Day is another importand haliday in the UAS which are abserved in the last Monday of May. At first it houored the people killed in the American Civil war,but has become a day on which the American dead of all wars and the dead generally are remembered in special programs and ceremonies. Testul 17 . Civilizatia “What are the benefits of globalization for the average person? Globalization is a very important process in our society. It helps to the development of countries,because anything that has success in a region is transmited in other countries. Thus appear different relations between nations,continents,but the biggest influence it has on simple people. Thanks to globalization in our country appeared electronic device,that make our life easier. At factories are bought modern equipment from another countries. They give us qualitative products. Globalization also creates a competition between people frod diffeunt parts of the world. This takes to continue changes in our society.

All that we have a made better and we have only to won from it. Testul17. Eseu “Fashion is not something that escists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street,fashion has to do with ideas,the way we live,what is happening. ” ‘Coco Chanel’ Fashion is like a mirror of our soul. It should show our way of thinking,our wishes and ideas about life. We can’t be fashioned only when wear expensive clothes,that have a special colour and were designed by a famous designer. It means originality,courage beauty and simplicity. To be fashionad must be at first natural,and all that you wear and do must describe.

You can’t buy something for you only because are in fashion. You can’t eat pirra if you hate it,only because all people acound you eat it. Fashion appeared to make you feel confortable and self-coufident. If you can find the power to be your-self,to make what you really want,you alleays will be in fashion. Testul18. Eseu “Give to the world the best you have,and the best of the resultd will come bach to you. ” All our life is like a boomerang. We receive only the things that decerve. From childhood we were taught to smile and be kind when we want to be accepted in a group of people and not only.

This seems to be something without importance,but we will always remember those people who sustained us in a hard moment with a smile or a good word. When we help somebody we become full of positive energy,ready for new adventures for new people in our life. The ioy that we brought in theirs life come back to us. The only thing that we must do is to be natural,to show to the people that are aroud us that we have a pure soul,that we are prepaid to give and receive good things. We should concentrate all the best we have to make amoizing things, because all that are made with pleasure tokes to wonderful results.

Testul18. Civilizatia “Many British museums and galleries are real treasurehouses of unique works of art. Which are the best known? What collection do they contain? The best known museum in UK is Tke British Museum. It has a collection that consist of 8 million objects. It appeared thanks to king George 2 in 1753. This museum has different depart ments which describe important periods of our society’s history. We can find here exhibitions about Ancient Egypt and Sudan,Greece and Kome,the Middle East,Prechistory and Europe,Asia,Africa,Oceania and the Americas.

Here alsa are approximately 50000 drawings made by Leonardo do Vinci,Kaphael,Michelangelo and another talented painter. The British Museus has also a big collection of coins,medals,libraries. Testul 4. Eseu “Happeness is a value woeth pursuing” Usually when we are ashed what we want to have,we answer that happeness . Every day is a new fight for the right to be happy,to feel that we are important for somebady,to feel that we can mahe true orer uishes. We can smille when we love,when we have success,when our family is healthy. But what is our life when we haven‘t a reason to smile?

We can’t feel that live when in our lefe exist only worrus,tears,fears. We were lorn to live,not to survive :to feelevery moment,not to pass near beautiful moments. This is real and we can start our happy life right now. The only think that we are obligated to do is to say our ideas,to defend it and to fight for thate things that we deserve. Happiness is one of them. Testul 4. Civilizatie “Do you thing it is dangerous thing to judge about a nation by existing stereotypes? ” All the nations are very different with their customs and way of life. Especially,India,China,Arab countries has so many rules that for us are strange.

Becouse of this so many stereotypes appear. We usually thinle that uomen are not respected is this countries and this is true,but we can’t say this about all the persons that live there. For this stereotype can suffer persous that want to change their world,that are different. Any stereotyne only can humiliate or disadiantage persons and even they seen innocent,can destroy somebody life. Testu5. Eseu “People are often affected by their success and fame. ” Succes and fame are some of the main aims of every people. They are accomponied by power and it give the possibility to do all that you want, to lead,to be respected.

It’s very nice to know that you can change everything around you without problems. This feeling is like a drug and can change you life a personality. Ussually success and fame transform people,make them more misunderstanding,chary! This people for get about what meams a really,true friendship,a faerly love. Slowly pouer can leave a person without really feelings and make the falls more painful. Testul5. Civilizatie “Choose one of the characters you remember well from your favourite book. ” One of my fovourite book is”The uoman in white” by Wilkie Collins. Laura Fairlie is one of the main characters of this story.

She is a very special woman becouse of her sensitivity,loyalty, beauty. She all the for a simple teacher of art and it helped her to find the escape for impossible situations. Are some moments when a simple person will become crary,when all her life take another way. But she found powers the story’s end is amering,full of happiness and love. Testul7. Eseu “Write the headline and a short story for something that has happened recently in your city/town/village. ’’ Ice sity This winter has brought a lot surprises for our country and not anly.

After it had enioed us with a very warm and friendly weather at the beginning, the last two weehs we could feel a really cold winter. Atmosphuic temperature lowered until -30 degrees centigrade in the north of Moldova,but in our citu there was -20 degrees centigrade. Because of it Chisinau summed to be from ice. One the street you could see only few persons shriveling and in a big hurry. Everybody wanted to hide from the terribly frost. There weren’t closed shools,but the majority had a special sehedule. This winter was one of the coldest than I have see. Testul 7. Civilizatia Different countries have reputations for being good at different sports. Think of some examples. ” Sport s give us the possibility to keep a healthu body,but for many people it is a way of life,a job. When I think about football I can’t mention about Braril. For this country football is a national sport that are played for everybody starting from chidhood. Russia is houn with it’s artistic shatter. Russian shatters usally are on the first places at Olimpies and different champions. Evgenii Plushenko is a legend all around the world,because of all the records that he broke.

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