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There Is No Fixed Situation and Condition

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In a competitive market, there is no fixed situation and condition. So the theory of change is playing an important role for Apple Inc. to sustain in this competitive market. In essence, the theory of change is a comprehensive description and explanation of the ways and reasons for the expected changes in a specific context. In the first stage, Apple Inc. identifying the long term goals and outcome which is environmental responsibility. Apple Inc. vision statement to be a company focus on innovation.

Therefore, the company wants to focus on using renewable energy in offices and stores. Although renewable energy is using in 94% of the office, the challenge face to Apple Inc. is all their in-store have no access to renewable energy. So the way Apple Inc. is trying to achieve environmental responsibility is by eliminating toxic from its processes and products.

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There Is No Fixed Situation and Condition
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Apple Inc. also had applied the change theory in a competitive market which is using their design and development capabilities.

This is an ongoing project because in order to keep the company in competitive advantage, they must deliver superior innovation and integration across all products. Using these capabilities will enable Apple Inc. to leapfrog competitors. Apple Inc. also attempts to make different, Apple Inc. using its unique ability to design and develop its own operating systems, hardware, application software, and services to provide its customers with new products and solution that are an essay to use, seamlessly integrated and innovative design. Therefore Apple Inc. has built a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry and have a loyal customer base for reason as its aesthetic design concept and unusual advertising campaigns.

This will also lead to enhancing and expanding. In order to enhance and expand continuously, Apple Inc. has been invested a lot of money in research and development (R&D). During the three years, Apple Inc. has increased investment in R&D spending from $2.4 billion in the year 2011 to $4.5 billion in the year 2013. Besides, Apple Inc. believes in the high-quality buying experience greatly enhanced its ability to attract and retain customers. Therefore, Apple Inc. also expanding its retail and online stores to provide quality sales and post sales. The first Apple retail stores opened in the year 2001. From then on, the company has been rapidly expanding its retail business. The Mac stories also review that Apple’s retail strategy found that its main focus was international markets. Therefore Apple Inc. decides to open the international store. By the year 2009, there have over half of its openings (56%) were in the international market until the year 2012, the international market’s share of Apple openings has reached 83%. Apple Inc. also offers a near-perfect experience in every Apple store. There isn’t other retail store has a retail experience like Apple’s. There is different of entering an Apple store, the layout are the first class, and they don’t bother with too many products, this will make the customers feel comfortable.

Moreover, Apple Inc. also has developed the Apple online store for those who want to order online or don’t have Apple store nearby to make the customer more easily to get the product. Apple online store offers Apple’s entire product line for sale on the wed and also sell many accessories from many different manufacturers. The Apple online store also can be used in many countries or regions of the world and most of the product can be delivered for free as long as the price is over $50. The Apple online store also allows you to log in with an Apple ID to track order, cancel or modify them. Apple Inc. will always take care of the feeling of customers and put them in the first to make it easier for them.

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