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There is nothing young people can teach older people Sample

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  • Pages 2
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    The older coevals today ever complains that the young person are unmotivated and directionless. they lack focal point and the hereafter is traveling down because of these behaviours. Nonetheless. young person are the merchandise of its upbringing and the representation of its clip. Therefore. what they are and what they know will surely be different from those of the older coevals. Therefore. to state that the childs are useless is non merely incorrect as they can besides lend in their ain manner and learn the older coevals a lesson or two.

    As we all know. today’s engineering moves really fast. With adult’s day-to-day duty. it is about impossible for them to maintain up with every small new appliance that comes out mundane. With immature people. it’s different. new things involvement us. Furthermore. being immature we absorb new cognition like a sponge. Therefore. we can assist them in acquiring in melody with new engineerings. Young childs. for illustration. can likely learn their grandparents to utilize the computing machines. which in bend. will besides be good for their relationships.

    In add-on to that. by looking at the immature. grownups can larn about the society better. As I’ve mentioned earlier. childs represent their clip. hence. by understanding them. one can understand the demands of the society. as this group of age is the most vocal. A good illustration would be the hippie motion in the sixties. The motion displayed their dissatisfaction with the system and the demand for more freedom of look.

    As person one time said. “Life is a learning experience” . therefore. from that. we can infer that there is no full halt to the procedure of larning. Therefore. alternatively of being critical and misanthropic. possibly older people can seek to understand the young person better by larning from each other. After all. immature people are the hereafter.

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