Getting Advice from Older Friends Is Better Than That from Same Age Friends?

TOPIC: Agree or disagree with this following statement: Getting advice from friends of an older age would be more valuable than from friends your own age. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. I supported the idea of getting advice from older friends than same age friends upon stucking in a mess of troubles. Even though their advices might not be the best answers for all of my problems but they’re still the most believabe guides for those who have not ever gone through this severe life outside in a day, like me, to give my own choice and solve it with my own way.

First of all, to me, older friends are adults who have experienced years for their ambitions, career or job. Good experiential knowledge, good identities, so, they definitely a wise listener than a know-it-all mister. It is not essential to give me some particular words or tell what I should do / have to do to solve it. That is really an “wordless advice” indeed, it helps me feel to be shared, release, be calm down and have thoroughly thoughts or decisions for my problem.

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Moreover, I think they are grown-up enough to give me an liberal advice, it’s mean they just give me an opened-clue and the rest is up to myself. I can follow it if I find myself-being absolutely suitable for that one, And in case, it’s still not the answer i’m searching for, it could be a useful guidance for me to develope my ideas in a logical way to deal with that problem.

It is said that the people who stand outside often have a brighter overview than who are in that situation and be unfluenced by many feelings or thinking, so that, they will realize easily what is the main point, then give you the most objective solution that you virtually need. Also, the most appreciated thing of older friends is their straight and unique advices In any situations, eventhough that makes me upset at first but will be an effective medicine for my problem.

That might not be come from my same age friends because they don’t want to make me disappointed. I’d believe that everyone is older than me somewhat shake up conventional wisdom at some particular categorize if I’m close enough to get it. This will make them have some novel thoughts to help you figure out the solutions on your own. In a word, consulting from older friends advice would help me have a more preciser view for my trouble, then decide my own decision to process it. .

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