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“To escape is nothing. Not to escape is nothing.” Louise Bogan

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    Hindooism is a organic structure of spiritual and philosophical beliefs and cultural patterns from India. It is a faith with many beliefs and patterns. Hinduism is characterized by a belief in reincarnation. belief in a supreme being of many different signifiers. the position that opposing theories are facets of one ageless truth. and a desire for release from earthly immoralities. Christianity is a monotheistic faith based on the life and instructions of Jesus which is shown in the New Testament. Christians believe Jesus is the boy of God. God holding become adult male and the Jesus of humanity.

    Hindooism has grown and is the 3rd largest faith in the universe after Christianity and Islam. It has approximately 837 followings in the universe. Hindooism is regarded as the world’s oldest organised faith. Hinduism consists of 1000 of different spiritual groups in India that have evolved since 1500BCE. It is the chief faith of India. Nepal. and among the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The individualism of the Hindu universe focal point on 4 of import thoughts: anadi ( beginninglessness ) . karma ( the moral jurisprudence of life ) . samsara ( metempsychosis ) and moksha ( freedom or release ) .

    Hindooism believes in reincarnation. They believe that there is a rhythm of birth. decease and metempsychosis. Hindus desire for the release of enduring. Populating in the universe shows enduring because it implies the separation from the Godhead. Christianity was founded in the early first century AD. It came to be a faith with the instruction. miracles. crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus. Today it is the largest faith in the universe. Christian religion has about 2 billion followings. It is most popular in the western universe.

    Today. Christianity has a many different signifiers. beliefs and patterns. but it is all centered around the belief and religion in Jesus Christ. Christians believe that there is one God. God created the universe and everything in it. and we are besides created in the image of God. There are difference and similarities with Hinduism and Christianity. First Hinduism is pantheistic. non theistic. Christianity believes that God created the universe out of nil. and humans out of the image of God. Christians believe that the universe was corrupted by wickedness and is under Gods destiny. traveling towards flawlessness.

    Hindus believe the universe is portion of God and that the existence undergoes eternal rhythms of creative activity. saving. and disintegration. Hindus believe that all people will be united with God. and Christians believe that those who are called to God will hold ageless life and whoever Rebels will be lost everlastingly. Hindus believe in karma. Whatever goes about comes about. And Christians believe that wickednesss can be forgiven. Hindus believe that worlds will decease and travel through a rhythm until karma is resolved. Christians believe that you die one time. and face opinion.

    Hindus worship different constructions and Christians merely worship God entirely. There is rather a big difference between Christianity and Hinduism. Chiefly because it does non hold a individual laminitis. a specific theological system. a individual construct of divinity. a individual sanctum text. a individual system of morality. a cardinal spiritual authorization. and the construct of a prophesier. We are similar because we are all looking to be good people and idolize our Godhead. Christianity is more based on religion and belief and Hinduism. although they have their religion and belief. is more of a life style and a manner of life.

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    “To escape is nothing. Not to escape is nothing.” Louise Bogan. (2016, Dec 10). Retrieved from

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