Thinking Assignment Essay

Axon: long tube like structure that conveys impulses away from the neurons cell body toward other neurons/muscles or glands 3. Cell Body: part of the neuron containing the cell nucleus as well as other structures that help the neuron carry out its functions; also known as the soma 4. Myelin Sheath:layer of fatty insulation wrapped around the axon of some neurons, which increases the rate at which nerve impulses travel along the axon. 5.

Terminal Branches of the Axon: junctions with other cells that releases chemicals called neurotransmitters. 6. Action Potential (here also describe threshold): level of stimulation received when a neuron is in its resting state and it determines if an electrical signal or neural impulse will be created or not. If the threshold is met, the neural impulse will form and be sent down the axon. If not, the impulse won’t occur. 7. Synapse: small gap between neurons. 8.

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Thinking Assignment
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Neurotransmitters: are chemicals that are released by the sending neuron that activates the receptors on the receiving neuron. 9. Eruptive: the remaining neurotransmitter molecules in the synaptic gap goes back up by the sending neuron. 10. Describe how an SIR antidepressant medication works. SIR stands for selection serotonin eruptive inhibitor. Girl’s works by slowing the eruptive of the serotonin in the brain. The higher level in the synaptic gap helps to overcome depression and enhance moods.

Mankind and the animal kingdom

Humanists answer questions of identity by leveling that, “mankind is a product of evolutionary forces” (66). Mankind is viewed as a more refined animal, however mankind is not of higher quality over the animal kingdom. The answers to the question of meaning or purpose is, at best, answered on the basis of his or her importance (68). It is up to him or her to give any true benefit to their life, by making an impact in their life (69). Through this, they are able to make a clear and confident impact in another human beings life.

However, since “man is a machine and ultimately not in control of hat happens, life cannot have any real value or significance. ” (69). Morality and ethics asks what is morally and ethically right versus wrong and how a human being should live, then God must exist to deliver what is right and wrong (71). That being so, secular humanism does not believe in a God, and nor does He exist. Secular Humanists believe that there is no “absolute truth”, and relies heavily on the fact that ‘truth is dependent upon the individual or society and is subject to change” (71).

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Mankind and the animal kingdom
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Secular Humanism is not worried about the question f destiny. Once a human being has passed on, all that matters is what they did do on this earth and making a difference in another person’s life (73). The Biblical/Christian worldview, in comparison to secular humanism on the question of origin, is through theism. (65). Through God, and under one God, everything exists. While the secular humanist has no belief in God and man has no control much like a machine, theism believes “God is the first cause, the answer to why there is something rather than nothing” (65).

The question of identity through secular humanism believes mankind and the animal kingdom are of equal value, the Biblical/Christian worldview believes that mankind is above the animals, and we are responsible to take care of them (69). While secular humanists place man and his purpose through impacting others in their lives, the Biblical/Christian worldview believes our purpose is having a personal relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ (70).

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