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This Is An English Book Report On Frankenstein

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This Is An English Book Report On “Frankenstein”The story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is about a man who createdsomething that messes with nature, and nature came back to mess with himbecause nature is more powerful than man.

Victor Frankenstein was very interested in natural philosophy andchemistry and basically tried to play G-d by creating life. When hefound the secret of activating dead flesh, he created a superhuman beingcomposed of rotted corpses. What he did was considered unthinkable, andhe was haunted by his own creation.

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This Is An English Book Report On Frankenstein
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When the monster escaped, Frankenstein knew that he had to deal withthe consequences of what the monster might do.Frankenstein received aletter one day which informed him of his younger brother William’smurder, and immediately suspected that he was responsible, for he wasthe creator of the hideous monster. A friend of the family namedJustine Moritz was the “presumed” murderer, and Frankenstein wasdetermined to prove her innocent. Circumstantial evidence, however, ledthe courts to believe Justine guilty, because found in her pocket was aphotograph which had belonged to William.

Justine had been put to death, and Frankenstein had yet to find hiscreation. Finally, upon their meeting, the monster confessed to hiscreator of what he had been through, how he was rejected by society, andfinally, how he had come to kill William. When William had revealed hisname to the monster, the monster immediately figured that by killing theyoung boy, he would have revenge on Frankenstein for giving him life. The monster did not understand the concept of right and wrong and heespecially didn’t mean to kill anybody.His expression of anger endedup being violent, even fatal to the victim, and it just worked out thathe killed people. As the monster’s story continued, he demanded of Frankenstein a femalemate who he can be with until his end, and promised to live away fromsociety. Frankenstein, meanwhile, tried to restore the monster’sdemented mind so he could live a normal life.

Although at first Frankenstein agreed to create a friend for themonster, he changed his mind for fear that between the two of them, hislife, as well as many others, would be in danger. The creature wantedrevenge, and so everything important in Frankenstein’s life ended upbeing destroyed, including his wife and best friend.


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