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Thomas More – Utopia Summary Sample



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    • Island is semilunar molded

    • Always 200 stat mis broad but the tapers at the terminals in to hone half circles

    • Interior side of the island is like a elephantine seaport

    • Mouth of the seaport is full of stones and shoals. doing it improbably unsafe

    • Merely the Utopians know the manner into the seaport. this prevents invasion

    • Was one time a peninsula but Uptos dug a channel and turned it in to an island

    • There are 50 four large towns. all indistinguishable

    • The towns are no more than a day’s walk from each other

    • Aircastle is the capital

    • At regular intervals are big houses for farming

    • Everyone farms for a period of 2 old ages

    • The expansive programs of the towns are square

    • The towns are surrounded by a high wall and so an empty fosse

    • Houses are separated by twenty-foot carriageway

    • Behind the houses are big gardens

    • Anyone can come in the houses. there are no locks

    • Houses are swapped every ten old ages

    • Houses are three floors. made of difficult rock

    • The roofs are raised to the horizontal with concrete

    • They use glass for the Windowss.

    Social relations/arrangements in Utopia.• Families are the smallest societal unit – no less than 10 grownups and no more than 16.• Families are governed by the oldest male.• Wifes are low-level to their hubbies. kids to their parents and younger people by and large to their seniors. • When a miss marries she joins her husband’s family. whereas male childs of each coevals stay at place. • Each town consists of merely six 1000 families. Every town is divided into four territories of equal size. Each with its ain shopping Centre in the center. • Everyone in the town assembles at tiffin and dinner in the dining-hall. Children under five eat in the baby’s room. • The kids that aren’t old plenty to be married. delay at the dining-hall tabular array. • The high or centre tabular array is the topographic point of honor. where the Styward or District Commander sits with his married woman and two of the oldest occupants. • The seating is ever arranged in groups of four. Around the hall from eldest to youngest. so the eldest in the community get served foremost and the best nutrient.

    The Officials• The population is divided into groups of 30 families. each of which elects an functionary called a Styward every twelvemonth • Styward is the old Utopian rubric. the modern one being District Controller. For every 10 Stywards and the families they represent there is a Bencheater or Senior District Controller • Each town has 200 Stywards who are responsible for electing the city manager. done by a secret ballot • The Mayor remains in office for life. unless he is suspected of desiring to set up absolutism • Every 3 yearss the Bencheaters have a meeting with the Mayor at which they discuss public personal businesss and settle any differences

    Utopian’s attitude towards gold and Ag:

    – Gold and Ag are kept locked off in instance of demand for war. hence they are devalued so the public won’t want them. – Gold and Ag are worthless to the people of Utopia and have no value. – Iron is more well-thought-of because it has utilizations that are significantly more utile to worlds so gold and Ag. – To devaluate the gold and Ag in the public’s eyes a system was devised so that they were used for normal twenty-four hours objects. to immobilise slaves and adorn wrong-doers.

    Working Conditionss:

    – Everyone farms irrespective of sex

    – Everyone is taught agribusiness in school

    – Besides farming. everyone is taught a particular trade of their ain

    – Everyone learns either dressmaking or orienting

    – Brought U to your parents business. though it is possible to reassign or to larn two trades

    – Cipher is allowed to sit around making nil

    – 6 hr working twenty-four hours. 3 in the forenoon. 2 hr tiffin interruption. and another 3 in the afternoon

    – Everyone goes to bed at 8pm and slumbers for 8 hours

    Merely city managers. bencheaters. diplomats. priests. stywards and intelligentsians are exempt from work

    Religious thoughts• several different faiths on the island.• all the different religious orders agree- there is on supreme being. • use the same Utopian word to depict Him: Mythras.• bulk of the faiths believe that there is a individual Godhead power. they call this power “the Parent” . • they disagree about who Mythras is.• one of the most ancient patterns in Utopia is spiritual acceptance. • people forbidden to believe that the psyche dies within the organic structure. and the universe maps aimlessly without any commanding Providence. anyone who thinks otherwise has forfeited his right to be classified as an human being. but the degree of an animate being. • Utopians mourn an unwellness non a decease.

    • if unwilling to allow travel of life. this is considered a bad mark. and when they die the merely say”God have mercy on his psyche. and forgive his weaknesses” . so they bury the organic structure. • when they die in a cheerful and optimistic temper cipher mourns. they sing for joy at his funeral and commend his psyche to God. they cremate his organic structure and tag the topographic point by a column engraved with an epitah. • believe the dead mix freely with the life and observe. • dead regarded as gardian angels.

    • no attending paid to portents. future Tellers or any superstitious patterns. these are treated as a gag. • great regard for miracles. seen as grounds to god’s presence and power. • Utopians are non interested in scientific discipline.

    • 13 priests per town. one per church.• priests elected by community. election by secret ballot.• priests give advice and warnings ; responsible for instruction of kids and striplings. • male priests allowed to get married.• adult females allowed to go priests. non frequently chosen and merely aged widows are eligible. • spiritual festivals on the first and last yearss of each month and besides each twelvemonth. • churches hold no ocular representation of God.

    • married womans confess to hubbies. kids confess to female parents. • on come ining the church. the work forces turn to the right the adult females turn to the left • ne’er forfeit animate beings• offerings of incense. aromatic substances and tapers • fold wear white• priests wear motley waistcoat.Doctrine of Utopia• Utopians are incognizant that there are other philosophers or philosophical thoughts. They have their ain philosophical positions. some of which line up with other thoughts known in Europe. They have produced wholly new theories which aren’t ever consistent with one another.

    • They have three types of good and many positions on pleasance.

    • They have hedonic positions and think they will be rewarded or punished in the following life for good or bad behavior in this life.

    • They believe pleasance is the natural object of all human attempts. but they make certain their chases of pleasance don’t deprive anyone else of theirs. But to strip yourself of a pleasance in order to assist person attain theirs is an act of humanity good rewarded.

    • They don’t esteem person because they have expensive apparels or jewelry. They don’t think finer apparels make a better individual.

    • Many things regarded as amusement or pleasance in our society. they think have nil to make with existent pleasance and are merely unnatural consequences of bad wonts.

    Delight For Learning– No one’s allowed to go a full-time pupil in Utopia. except for the really few kids from each town who possess unusual gifts. outstanding intelligence. and a particular aptitude for academic research.

    – Every kid receives primary instruction. and most work forces and adult females go on educating themselves all their lives.

    – Everything is spoken in their ain linguistic communication. as it has a rich vocabulary. is pleasant to listen to. and is highly expressive.

    – They have long experience recognizing the marks of nearing rain. air current. and other alterations in the conditions.

    – Many of their theories are different to ours. but frequently relate to those of our ancient philosophers.

    – They have found scientific methods to better the country’s environment. These include: uprooting woods and replanting them elsewhere. non to increase the output. but to ease the conveyance of lumber. by conveying it nearer to the sea. or to a river. or to a town – as it is difficult to transport lumber from longer distances.

    – They became inordinately dying to analyze the original texts of Grecian literature and doctrine when it was presented to them.

    – They are capable of larning letters and pronunciation of an entirely foreign linguistic communication rapidly. In less than three old ages they knew the linguistic communication absolutely.

    – They extremely respect medical literature. even though they have small demand for it.

    – Upon being shown Grecian literature. Utopians easy discovered how to fabricate paper for publishing literature. With this new innovation they’ve published several thousand transcripts of Grecian texts.

    – During their export trade. they much prefer to present things themselves than have people come and fetch them. as this gives them more experience of the outside universe. and more pattern in pilotage.

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