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Any Protagonist Experiencing a Significant Change of Knowledge About the World


Words: 1549 (7 pages)

Innocence to Adulthood Any young protagonist experiencing a significant change of knowledge about the world or himself will point or lead him toward an adult life. As seen in John Updike’s “A & P” and James Joyce’s “Araby,” both of the main characters are confronted by situations that bring them to “thresholds of maturity and…

How many miles to Babylon


Words: 427 (2 pages)

The same cannot be said for How Many Miles to Babylon, which ends in a pessimistic and gloomy scene. Alec Moore is awaiting execution, as the novel comes full circle. He is given “a pen and paper” because he is an “officer and a gentleman”. He has nothing to do but wait. Alec refused to…

Closed for the Seasons


Words: 1084 (5 pages)

Closed for the Season by, Anonymous Closed For the Season, written by Mary Downing Hahn, is a realistic fiction, and a mysterious adventures book. The story takes place in the present and in a small town called Bealesville. Arthur and Logan are the protagonists because they are the main characters in the story and they’re…

Is Salieri the Protagonist or Villain of the Play?


Words: 1397 (6 pages)

Salieri’s role in the play “Amadeus” has many functions. Not only does he, in a sense, narrate the play, but his persona and identity could also claim him title of tragic hero, or even that of the protagonist. How his character is perceived by individuals in the audience, or even through different parts of the…

Protagonist and Nora


Words: 1365 (6 pages)

“It is often said that protagonists in plays are flawed in some way. ” To what degree and with what effect are the strengths and weaknesses of the protagonists significant to two or three plays you have studied. In the universality of human experience, every individual has endured a serious flaw in character and lapse…

Fitzgerald Protagonist


Words: 2226 (9 pages)

There is a very direct similarity between ones behavior and ones environment. Humans areproducts of the environments they inhabit.Humans evolve and adopt behaviors which are very similar to those found in their social climate.This is especially true when examining the characters of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald presents the characters in his novels as products of…

Literary Analysis of “Gravity”



Words: 1263 (6 pages)

Literary Analysis of “Gravity” by David Leavitt The following pages will consist of a literary analysis of the short story presented by the author David Leavitt, which is taken from his book “A Place I’ve Never Been” (Nguyen, 2006). “Gravity” narrates the story of a boy with AIDS, whose life is slowly consuming like the…

Analysis of the Protagonist in Oedipus Rex



Words: 1687 (7 pages)

            Though there has been much debate over who is actually the protagonist in Sophocles’ tragic play Oedipus Rex, the general consensus among scholars is that Oedipus himself stars as the protagonist in this play as a part of his role as the tragic hero.  “Rather than configuring Oedipus as an archetypal paradigm of the…

“Eveline” by James Joyce Analysis




Words: 1339 (6 pages)

Through our lives we find ourselves in different situations and places and under the effect of variety and diversity. Following the human nature we always struggle for more, for something better, for something more valuable, but on that path we usually are brought in front of crossroads, which will determine our next stage of life….

Somerset Maugham “Louise”




Words: 3058 (13 pages)

I could never understand why Louise bothered with me. She disliked me and I knew that behind my back she seldom lost the opportunity of saying a disagreeable thing about me. She had too much delicacy ever to make a direct statement, but with a hint and a sigh and a little gesture of her…

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How do you describe a protagonist?
A protagonist (from Ancient Greek: πρωταγωνιστής, romanized: prōtagōnistḗs, lit. 'one who plays the first part, chief actor') is the main character of a story. ... The protagonist is the character whose fate is most closely followed by the reader or audience, and who is opposed by the antagonist.
What is a protagonist essay?
Essays on the protagonist examine the central figure in a novel, play, short story, or film. The protagonist is the central figure in a novel, play, short story, or film. ... He or she is the one driving the plot forward.
What is protagonist example?
Protagonist is defined as the main character of a story. An example of protagonist is Alice in the story, Alice in Wonderland.

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