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Edward Scissorhands

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Comparing Edward Scissorhands and Frankenstein

Edward Scissorhands


Words: 759 (4 pages)

Compare the way in which the 2 films Frankincense and Edward Scissor Hands represent stories of the misunderstood outcast in society. The sass’s black and white film Frankincense by James Whale and sass’s film Edward Scissor Hands by Tim Burton are two movies about a misunderstood creation that is seen as an outcast and practically…

Edward Scissorhand Speech

Edward Scissorhands


Words: 812 (4 pages)

In today’s discussion, we will be exploring the theme of alternative worlds in two well-known narratives: The Ugly Duckling and Edward Scissorhands. The Ugly Duckling, a timeless fairy tale penned by Andersen, depicts the life of a peculiar and unattractive bird. Despite not being a duck, the young protagonist bears a resemblance to one during…

Tim Burton cinematic techniques Analysis


Edward Scissorhands

Words: 989 (4 pages)

The renowned directors of our era frequently possess a distinctive style that viewers readily identify and associate with them. Tim Burton, along with JJ Abrams and Oliver Stone, is one such director who exhibits a wonderfully one-of-a-kind style. In Burton’s movies, the lead characters often expose their emotions and perception of the world. Throughout his…

Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp


Edward Scissorhands

Words: 454 (2 pages)

My favorite actor is Johnny Depp. Personally, I haven’t watched too many of his movies but I’ve watched enough to know what an astonishing actor he is. From playing a man with scissors instead of hands, to being a rowdy pirate, to owning a chocolate factory, I believe he’s one of the greatest actors in…

Frequently Asked Questions about Edward Scissorhands

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How would you describe Edward Scissorhands?
shy, doleful, and artistic. A born outsider, Edwards longs for nothing more than to be normal. Despite his strange appearance and perceived misbehavior, he carries a heart of gold.
What is ironic about Edward Scissorhands?
A recurring theme in Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands is the idea that external appearances do not define a person's internal value. ... Edward is found in a big, black, and spooky house that greatly contrasts the seemingly perfect suburban neighborhood it is in.
What is the main message of Edward Scissorhands?
Themes. Burton acknowledged that the main themes of Edward Scissorhands deal with self-discovery and isolation. Edward is found living alone in the attic of a Gothic castle, a setting that is also used for main characters in Burton's Batman and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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