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Thomas Paine`s “The Age of Reason”



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    The works of Jonathan Edwards and Thomas Paine are complete opposites. Both have a very one-sided view of there religious beliefs. They go in detailed options of their region. They both have very different view of religious beliefs that will discussed: the work of Johnathan Edwards “Sinners In the Hand of An Angry God”, Thomas Paine’s “The Age of Reason”, and the comp arsine and contrast of the two works.

    Johnathan Edwards was an American Philosopher and Calvinist. He believed there are those who are saved and those you are not. There was no changing it, no amount of praying or believing would or could change it. His beliefs were black and white. It was cut dry. Either you were worthy enough for heaven or too bad. You were going to hell and there was no stopping it. The message of “Sinners In the Hand of An Angry God” the holy hope of salvation, which of course we did not deserve Edwards believed, was through a regenerative gift of divine grace. He views man as worthless, depraved and damned to hell. This all in the end lead to theodicy. Everyone that was damned to hell, saw the goodness of god in punishing them for their sins. In some strange way he believed the damned should be thankful for the pain and sin because it was the beauty and order of the universe. Edwards beliefs are harsh and brutal but to him everyone isn’t worthy of God’s grace.

    Thomas Paine’s was a deist. Deism is a religion having affinities to Protestantism, but ultimately denying the divinity of Christ and the justification of Jesus’s crucifying. Paine believes that the faith of all Abrahamic religions and considers Christianity to a be a religion of cruelty not worthy of belief. In that place of faith, Paine believes the Nature as the true Bible, as the means to understanding the goodness, beauty, and power of God. Paine’s primary beliefs are Equality, justice, mercy, and happiness.

    These two works are very different in terms of the atmosphere and beliefs. Edwards “Sinners in the hand of an angry god” has a very hateful and dark mood. While Paine’s “The Age of Reason” is more of natural kind of questioning mood. Each other’s beliefs are very different. Edwards is full in swing telling you that god is angry with and Paine’s may not fully believe in Christianity, but he says god is a gift of kindness. Also, Edwards view god makes it seem like god would just throw us in the pits of hell just for the fun of it but Paine’s representation of god is more supporting and loving. Edwards focuses all on the sinning or awful in the world of people while Paine looks at the good of god can do that is kind and shows mercy, In conclusion Edwards is all about sinning and how man is damned to hell from all the evil the world as done. Paine’s opinion of God is a merciful and kind but just.

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