Time Management: The Problem and Its Background

From working professionals to college and even to students who are managing their busy schedules to make sure that they can get all their tasks done, they find it hard on how and what they are going to do to finish their work effectively, efficiently and fast as they could. But people now-a-days, because of lack of focus and consciousness, procrastination and laziness, people won’t able to accomplish their duties. Academic performance is the outcome of much effort which is made by identifying, evaluating, tracking and encouraging the progress of students in schools.

Time management influence the way students manage their time studying their lectures and assignments and to manage their own personal activities, as well, these would influences the person and the way he manage his study habit. Fundamentally, therefore, time management possibly affects a child’s academic performance. Every one of us, most especially, college students are facing a struggle in an academic battlefield as they seek to maintain desirable status or even to be constant in their academic program.

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The purpose of this study is to contemplate time management and its effect to the academic performance of the psychology students of Laguna State Polytechnic University. The researcher would also like to cast about apt on how time affects influence the children on the cognitive, behavioral, moral and social aspects of their lives. Also, this study would catechize which time management modus was allied with higher educational performance. One of the highest calibrated course among all four year program which consists of general education and specialized courses is the Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Professional courses begin in the first year and stretches through the growth of proficiencies up to the fourth year level. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology provides a thorough psychology practicum in the Industrial, Educational, and Clinical settings that will further enhance the capabilities of students in studying the human behavior. Background of the Study “Time is gold”, as the famous line goes. Time is a very precious thing in today’s fast changing world that we lived today. Everything happens so fast sometimes we don’t even notice it.

Everyday time is always observed, we should always be more aware of the time to know what we should be doing and where we should be going at that certain point of time. Time is a special resource that you cannot store or save for later use. Most of us feel that we have many things to do but we don’t have enough time and we blame time for our unachieved goals and stress. Wise time management can help you save time for what you need to do . Through time management, you can use your time wisely. You will become more productive, creative and can accomplish more things with less effort and time.

Time Management can help you reduce wasted time that will lead to balance and fulfillment in life. As students, we should be masters of our own time. We should already know how to properly manage it. We should be able to allot time for our friends, for our family and especially for our studies. Most of the time, we lose track of our time and this becomes the main reason for being late in class. Punctuality is also a very essential factor for a student. It is vital that it can affect our learning. Missing a few minutes in class or in work for a day can be crucial.

Time management has been considered to be a subset of different concepts such as Project management: Time Management can be considered to be a project management subset and is more commonly known as project planning and project scheduling. Time Management has also been identified as one of the core functions identified in project management. Attention management: Attention Management relates to the management of cognitive resources, and in particular the time that humans allocate their mind (and organize the minds of their employees) to conduct some activities.

Professor Stephen Smith, of BYUI, is among recent sociologists that have shown that the way workers view time is connected to social issues such as the institution of family, gender roles, and the amount of labor by the individual. In recent years, several authors have discussed time management as applied to the issue of digital information overload, in particular, Tim Ferriss with “The 4 hour workweek”, and Stefania Lucchetti with “The Principle of Relevance” Stephen R. Covey has offered a categorization scheme for the time management approaches that he reviewed:

  • First generation: reminders based on clocks and watches, but with computer implementation possible; can be used to alert a person when a task is about to be done.
  • Second generation: planning and preparation based on a calendar and appointment books; includes setting goals.
  • Third generation: planning, prioritizing, controlling (using a personal organizer, other paper-based objects, or computer or PDA-based systems) activities on a daily basis. This approach implies spending some time in clarifying values and priorities.
  • Fourth generation: being efficient and proactive using any of the above tools; places goals and roles as the controlling element of the system and favors importance over urgency.

The better we understand the impact that time management contributes to the academic performance of students, the greater our potential for positive and timely intervention to improve the chances of undergraduates earning adequate grades and successfully completing their higher educational experience. The study will be conducted at Laguna State Polytechnic University, Santa Cruz Campus together with the researcher’s fellow Psychology students as her respondents.

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