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Time Management Self Evaluation

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How do you establish Priorities I look at everything in my life and ask myself questions about which ones are the most important. If something is getting in the way of my top priorities it has to be cut. I list things in order of importance and decide how much time I have and put them into that time and anything left needs to be removed from the list. Sometimes it’s hard to cut things you really want to keep but those are the decisions we have to make to keep ourselves in order.

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Time Management Self Evaluation
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Who makes up your support group? I would have to say my main support group would be my mom, husband and son. They each have something important I need, and support me to the fullest. I have other people in my life like my close friends that are also there to support me but those three are the ones who keep me going. If there is ever a moment I feel like I cannot do it they are there to encourage me and tell me that I will be ok and to keep going.

What is your backup plan in case your computer goes down? I have several computers in my house, I own an Ipad, Laptop, desktop and a smart phone. In case one goes down there’s another one not too far out of reach. As far as my internet goes I have nearby hotspots that are open 24 hours a day should my internet fail. I can also go to the public library that’s not too far away. If all that fails my mother and friends that live nearby have computers and internet that I have available to me. How do you keep track of your assignments and due dates? I have several ways of keeping track of my school work. I look at the course calendar and syllabus every day. I also keep a planner in my purse with all my important information in it. In addition to all these things I have a dry erase calendar above my desk that I write down my assignments for the week on Monday. I have several ways of keeping track of everything I need to be an A student.

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