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Although not all leaders achieve the same level of recognition as Martin Luther King, it is crucial to acknowledge that the majority of leaders are regular individuals. One can easily come across a tremendously influential leader while simply walking down the street, often without even realizing it. I happen to have personal knowledge of one such exceptional leader who happens to be an ordinary person – my father. While there exists a belief among certain individuals that leaders possess innate qualities rather than being developed, I believe that anyone has the potential to become a leader as long as they possess enough courage and resilience.

When discussing the qualities of a good leader, individuals frequently mention multiple attributes. The most commonly cited characteristics include being proficient in active listening, displaying responsibility, and demonstrating decisiveness. It is equally crucial to consider the educational background and personal traits that contribute to effective leadership. Active listening stands as the primary role in successful leadership.

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Leaders should be good listeners, despite concerns that they should be the ones doing all the talking. Although leaders are in charge, it is important for them to listen and follow instructions to avoid missing any crucial information. This way, they can effectively guide their team. Leaders constantly seek feedback from their team as they aim to improve themselves. By listening to feedback, leaders gain insight into their strengths and can use that knowledge to enhance their abilities.

Leaders should prioritize acknowledging criticism and using it as an opportunity for growth. Inability to handle constructive feedback is indicative of a lack of true leadership. According to research by Rai, having strong listening skills not only enhances effective leadership but also facilitates quicker promotions. It is widely believed that being a proficient listener is crucial for attaining success.

Rai suggests that humans have been given two ears by God to listen twice as much as they talk. Adhering to this saying is crucial for leaders to avoid overlooking any important information. Being a good listener is a vital characteristic for leaders and falls within the realm of effective communication. Effective communication is essential because failing to communicate effectively with others may result in lost information. In a team environment, the leader must attentively listen to their superiors and accurately relay the message to their team members. Paraphrasing plays a significant role in improving communication and listening abilities.

A good leader is constantly in communication with other leaders and seeking out their ideas to enhance their own techniques. Being responsible is crucial for becoming a great leader as nobody wants an unreliable one. The key to being responsible as a leader is always being prepared and organized, having all the necessary information readily available for both expected and unexpected circumstances (Rich). A responsible leader is able to take notes on the instructions received from their superiors and carry out the task without the need for further questioning, relying instead on their notes.

Rich believes that leaders have the duty to keep their team focused on completing their project within the set deadline. Frank agrees and emphasizes that a strong leader should always be decisive, even when lacking complete information. In line with this, Theodore Roosevelt’s well-known quote highlights the significance of making prompt decisions. The 10 Qualities of a Good Leader also state that in situations where unexpected questions arise, leaders should make rational and cautious choices while maintaining composure.

Being confident will be seen by others as being knowledgeable, while showing uncertainty or fear will be observed. Leaders must stay composed to uphold trust and credibility. Moreover, having a pleasant disposition and distinct personality greatly assist in leadership.

Leaders should be enthusiastic about their task as it sends positive vibes to their team (White). The team is likely to achieve more when the leader can think creatively and outside of the box (Rich). When the leader makes the project enjoyable and shows energy, the team will also put effort into it. If there is a lack of enthusiasm from the leader, the team will likely feel similarly (10 Qualities of a Good Leader). Having confidence is essential for leadership because others will only believe in you if you believe in yourself.

Confidence is crucial for a good leader, even when unsure of the next steps or what to say (10 Qualities of a Good Leader). When the team sees their leader’s confidence in them and the project, it boosts their own confidence. A smooth operation happens when everyone believes they can complete the project on time. Traits like motivation and inspiration are also important for great leaders, as demonstrated by figures such as Martin Luther King.

When considering Martin Luther King, I perceive him as an extraordinary leader who was exceptionally inspiring and motivating in the Civil Rights Movement. He passionately advocated for equal rights, which I find ethically upright. He exhibited unwavering determination and a focused dedication to his goals, never wavering from his beliefs. He adeptly convinced people to listen to his words and accept his suggested resolutions, leading to a significant following. Crucially, he accomplished his desired results without resorting to violence.

The quote “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy to a friend” by Martin Luther King emphasizes the importance of leaders being liked. This demonstrates Mr. King’s commitment to nonviolence, which attracted many followers and contributed to his rise as a renowned leader. It is unlikely for a leader with little popularity to have a substantial number of followers.

To be an effective leader, one must possess specific qualities and have more education than their team members. The leader’s higher level of education enables them to share valuable knowledge with the entire team and actively seek opportunities for ongoing learning and training to enhance their leadership skills. This commitment to education and personal growth can commence during high school and persist throughout college.

There are several leadership training classes available for individuals interested in enhancing their leadership abilities within their respective fields. Personally, I perceive my father as an extraordinary leader despite being an average individual. His extensive service at Yermo Marine Base starting from 1986 and his current role as a Planner and Estimator highlight his exceptional leadership skills. Being a planner, he possesses a vital attribute that all leaders should possess while also overseeing multiple employees.

Being a Planner and Estimator does not automatically make someone a leader. However, this individual has undergone thirty six hours of Business Leadership Management training from Rockhurst University and twenty four hours of Critical Leadership training. In addition to this, they have completed numerous other training programs to advance in their career. With just the leadership training classes alone, they have accumulated over two hundred hours of training. While some believe that leaders are born rather than made, it is possible for someone to become a skilled leader through the appropriate training and a bit of determination.

There are numerous ordinary individuals you encounter daily who can serve as inspiring leaders. These leaders offer guidance on how to develop into successful leaders themselves. Any average person can achieve greatness through determination and courage, becoming the next leader capable of making a global impact.

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