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To Be a Good Leader

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    Not all leaders are famous like Martin Luther King, most leaders are ordinary people; you can walk down the street and run into someone and not know that they are a very powerful leader. I personally know of a good leader that is an ordinary person; my father. Although some people believe that leaders are born and not made, I believe that anyone can become a leader if they have enough courage and are thick skinned.

    There are many words that people come up with when they are asked to describe what makes a good leader.The most popular characteristics used to describe a good leader would be a good listener, responsible, and decisive. When you think of what makes a good leader you should also ask what kind of education they have and what would make them be a good leader. The first important key role in being a leader is being a good listener.

    Some might ask: Why should they be good listeners if they are leaders? Shouldn’t they be the ones speaking and not listening? Yes they are the leader, but they need to listen and follow directions so they do not miss any important information.They need to do this so they can know how to instruct their team on what to do. Leaders are always looking and encouraging the team to give them feedback so they can work to better themselves. The reason why leaders like to listen to feedback is so they can know what they that would be considered their strong point so they can work from that and make it even better.

    On the same note they need to listen to the critiques on what they did that was a weak point about them so they know what things they should avoid.If someone is calling themselves a leader but they do not like to take the positive criticism, then they probably are not a real leader. Studies show that when someone is a good listener, they tend to make a good leader and get promoted faster to higher positions than those who are not good listeners (Rai). Many believe listening skills are a necessity to being successful.

    It’s said that god gave us two ears so we can listen twice as much as we talk, and leaders should follow this saying so they do not miss any important information (Rai).Communication would fall under the good listener category of being a leader. Communication is a key component to being a good listener because if you don’t communicate to whomever you are speaking with then some things might get lost in the process. The leader of a team will have to listen to their boss then relay the message to his or her team, and that’s where paraphrasing takes a good part in communication and listening skills.

    A good leader is always communicating with other leaders and trying to find out other good ideas they can use to improve some of their techniques.To become a good leader, the person must be responsible, because no one wants an unreliable leader. The way a leader is responsible is by always being prepared and organized with all of the information needed on a moments notice for what is supposed to happen and also what might happen (Rich). The leader should be able to take notes on the directions that their boss told them and do the task without having to ask more questions; instead they would use their notes.

    It is the leaders’ responsibility to make sure that their team is on track with their project and that it is completed by its dead line (Rich).A good leader should always be decisive even if they do not have all of the information (Frank). A leader will need to make quick decision, like Theodore Roosevelt once said, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing” (Frank). When a leader is asked an on the spot question which they did not plan to answer, the best thing to do is make a safe and reasonable decision and to keep calm (10 Qualities of a good leader).

    Fake it until you make it, if you act like you know what you are talking about then people will think that you know what you are talking about. If you get freaked out because you are not sure of the answer for it, everyone will notice. People will start to doubt you as a leader if you can not keep cool under the pressure. It is a big help when the leader is like able and unique.

    The reason why they should be this way is because when the leader is enthusiastic about their task at hand, they will send positive vibes to their team (White).It seems that the team as a whole can accomplish more when the leader has the ability to think outside of the box and be creative (Rich). When the leader makes the project seem like it is fun and is energetic about it the team will put effort into it, because if the leader is not into the task, neither will the team be (10 Qualities of a Good Leader). The main thing about being a leader is confidence, in order for others to believe in you, you must believe in you.

    Even if you are not sure what to do next or what to say, be confident in whatever you say (10 Qualities of a Good Leader). The confidence issue in a leader is basically ‘monkey see monkey do’, when the team sees that the leader is confident in them and the project, they the team will become more confident about the project. Things will move smoothly if everyone on the team is confident that he or she can finish the project on time. Motivating and inspirational are just a couple more traits which make great leaders such as Martin Luther King; for an example.

    When I think of Martin Luther King, I believe that he was an exceptional leader. He was especially inspirational and motivating during the Civil Rights Movement when he fought for equal rights which I believe is also ethical. He was determined and focused on what he wanted and he never gave up for what he believed in. He persuade people to listen to what he had to say and what he had to offer and that way he had people following him and he eventually got what he was fighting for with out using violence.

    Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy to a friend”, once said by Martin Luther King, this is an example of how a leader needs to be liked. This quote shows that Mr. King was nonviolent and that is why many people followed him and also why he became a famous leader. If a leader is disliked then they most likely will not have many followers.

    Not only does a good leader need the traits, but they also need a higher education than the other team members. The higher education will help the leader teach the rest of the team more valuable information that can help the entire team.Good leaders seek training to further their education and to improve their leadership skills. They can start taking leadership training class as early as high school and continue taking training classes into college.

    There are many different categories of leadership training classes that anyone can take to get the right training in how to be a proficient leader in their job. I believe that my father is a good example of ordinary people being leaders. I believe he is a good example because he has been working out at Yermo Marine Base since 1986.He is now currently a Planner and Estimator; this means he has the ability to plan which is a key quality in a leader and also that he is a leader to many workers.

    Just by being a Planner and Estimator does not mean he is a leader just like that he has received thirty six hours of Business Leadership Management from Rockhurst University and twenty four hours of Critical Leadership training. He also had other training so he can climb up the ladder of success. With leadership training classes alone, he has well over two hundred hours of training completed.Even though many believe leaders are born, instead of made; in many situations someone can become a good leader through the right training and with a little perseverance.

    There are many ordinary people that you come across on a daily bases that are leaders that someone can look up to if they wish to become a leader themselves. These leaders can show them what they should do in order to become a good leader like them. Any ordinary person can set their mind to something and have courage and become the next leader to change the world.

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