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Daily pressures compounded by racism and prejudice Essay

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TO Kill a Mockingbird Imagine living in a world where people criticized, prejudiced and even assaulted someone just because of a certain physical feature of their body. They don’t get paid as much, its legal for others to beat them to or near the point of death (A widely publicized occasion) they would hear whispers about themselves while they walk down the street; all because of the way someone looks. A reject of society: well this is how the African Americans lived for years as: slaves, being prey of the hateful races and targets of racism, assault and prejudices.

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Daily pressures compounded by racism and prejudice
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And the only reason or motivation that they have for this was because they believed they were an inferior race because their skin was darker than the whites. These crazy, untrue ideas were believed by the majority of the population. In the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee a main, ongoing theme in this story is prejudice; Prejudice of race, of gender, of age, and social classes and its coming from both sides of the spectrum.

He children’s father, Attic’s, is a role model and one of the most influential people in their lives and as he wants to understand that their lives will not always be as protected and sheltered as is now but he wants to protect them from the world that would teach them to hate people (Like the African Americans) because of what they look like and the stereotypes that they hear. He attempts to teach them to judge not by the color of their skin but by the contents of their character and to live by the morals of loving everybody and equality.

Attic’s does not want his kids to grow up as part of the racist population in the south or to believe that racism is right or accepTABLE. As he is explaining about people do things for certain reasons that she may not know about cause of other’s different motives, Attic’s tells Scout, never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it. “‘(36).

He’s trying to explain that they do not have single clue what its like to be any other person except for themselves and the only way they could even attempt to understand something done or said by a person is to look into their perspective, but not literally climb into their skin, that would be sort of difficult. The world is nowhere close to being as innocent as the children view the world. They don’t Lully understand all of the violence, hate , racism and tragedies that people must withstand every single day.

They will receive prejudices from others because they are young, they are a certain gender or just because they’re white. Not all others will judge or prejudice them but there are many that will, Vise versa: they could prejudice some people and they won’t others. Everyone will judge another person at least once in their life, humans are most definitely not perfect, nowhere near it nor will they ever be. As they mature and start to understand the bad things in life they also learn who they are ND who they should be.

Not everybody will judge or prejudice you but there are others that will, tit runs both ways on either side of the spectrum While the children accompany California to her church they experience prejudice firsthand, “Lull stopped, but she said, ‘You anti got no business bringing white chilling here- they got their church we got urn. It is our church, anti it, Miss Cal? ‘” This was one of the children’s first encounters of prejudice towards these children.

They didn’t understand that they could be prejudiced or discriminated against because they grew up being informed by most that hey were white and their race is the “Superiors race and that they don’t get insulted. This is also showing how if they will cooperate with the rules of “separate but equal” that if they stay separate then the African Americans will stay separate. They do not want the whites taking over some of the only things that they have left to themselves, and if you think about it deeply, one could understand where Lull was coming from.

But looking from a different perspective she is overreacting because these children do not hate or discriminate others because Of what’s on the outside. These children are innocent and they just wanted to experience the different of the churches accompanied by their African American cook/nanny who they love and adore, and is also the full mother figure in their life until their Aunt Alexandra decides to move in and attempt to take over the Finch household.

They were not aware tat they were disturbing their peace or invading the space of the African Americans. But like earlier stated: the prejudice runs both ways but there are nice people and mean people on either side of the spectrum. And although there are others like Lull there are also accepting ones who understand that these are fairly innocent children. Although some made it clear they were not wanted nor appreciated there, others tried to accommodate them as well as they could to a new experience to the children”…

One of them stepped down from the crowd, it was Gazebo, the garbage collector ‘Mister Gem,’ he said, ‘we’re mighty glad to have you all here. Don ‘t pay no ‘tension to Lull she’s contentious because Reverend Sykes threatened to church her. ‘” This is one of the people you could perceive as one of the nice people. He is happily and willingly TABLE to share this church with the humble, unprejudiced children. There maybe a connection to his job also: if he is the garbage collector he probably goes and collects the Finch’s garbage and so he has met Gem and Scout at the least a few times.

If you met those children and talked to them for a while you would learn that they aren’t out to hurt anyone, mentally or physically, and they are genuinely innocent, compassionate children. If these kids are willing to go and be the ones in church who look different, the African Americans understand, and they will not judge the children for doing an activity that they want to do and does no harm, such as church.

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