Daily pressures compounded by racism and prejudice take a toll on many Essay

Most people that hear the word prejudice automatically think of racism and people that have a black skin color. However, the skin color is just a little part of prejudice as there are many other prejudice against gender, age and religion. There have always been a group of people, blacks, Jews or another minority group, that has to match with prejudice. Prejudice has become a big problem in today’s society and is based on hatters that support racism and prejudice.

That shows that there are two groups of people that either support r not support racism and further more you can see that racism is not natural. Live that racism and the number of prejudice will decrease and sometimes might go away. The globalization is linking everything and helps the society to except other races. 500 years ago academics have been burned, as the science was connected with black magic in the mind of the society. It was and is still the ignorance of the people that forms and makes prejudice.

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Daily pressures compounded by racism and prejudice take a toll on many
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As a result it is the fear of something that is different or not understandTABLE yet that makes them narrow minded. Prejudice come up with narrow minded people, which might have never came across people they are holding prejudice against.

At first it looks like as it is natural to hold prejudice against others, but if it were natural, we could not make friends with people we do not know, as something that is natural cannot be switched off. Think prejudice is something that exist but can be overcome. If prejudices can be overcome, is it noble to raise someone’s prejudices? Standing above prejudices is something that should be natural in the modern society and is a requirement to live next to several different individuals in big cities.

Another requirement is to be open minded and not to be superficial. To achieve that you need to be brave and try to learn as much as possible, as it can close the gap of ignorance that leads into the narrow minded thinking. To put it all into a nutshell, the education and the evolution is the most important point of decreasing the deeply rooted narrow minded way of thinking. Prejudices are now still present, but they do not have that importance they had 1 00 years ago. Because of this trend think racism and prejudice is going away sometimes in the near future.

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