Tutorial Culture in Hong Kong

During the nineteen eighty to nineteen ninety, the major segment of Hong Kong economy transform from secondary industry to tertiary industry. The society realizes that our economy is not labour-force oriented, but knowledge oriented. Hence, the government and the public would like to select or differentiate potential students to engage in university through holding a public examination. The majority of the public hold a belief that students who can get the degree of university is the new power it boost the economy and enhance the competitiveness of H.K. Consequently, students and their parents resort to every conceivable means that they can improve the examination performance.

The most popular way is attending tutorial class. Indeed, I am one of the victim of this culture The courses offered by tutorial school are lavish is nothing new. According to the research of oriental daily news, 80% of secondary school students are participating in tutorial class and the tuition fee reach 3 billion, 12/9/2012. It is unbelievable that the great amount of money spend on tutorial service in the city.

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As we know, over one million citizens in Hong Kong are live under poverty line; they cannot even earn a living. Also, the consumer price index rise sharply under the speedy inflation. The living standard becomes very high in this decade. What if the students who blindly join the tutorial class in order to improve the academic result? Obviously, their parents will shoulder a heavier financial burden and it may weaken their ability of maintaining the living standard.

Moreover their parents will need to do mores job to settle payments. In my case, I spent two thousand a month for the courses, my mother need to take two more part time job for extra expenses. It is hard for those poverty.. Teenagers are easily be affected by peer pressure. We may give a thought that those students who surrounding them go to tutorial class will have competitive advantage against them. Therefore, I will attempt to surpass other rivals through joining additional lesson taught by ‘’Star Tutor’’.

It is one of the examples of crowed psychology. If a single individual joined, the others in the same group would follow. Hence, if student cannot take the extra classes as their poor background or other difficulties, it may harm their self-esteem. I used to be isolated by my classmates as I did not have the notes issued by tutor. They thought that I will affect their group work performance that time. I feel extremely depress. Meanwhile, the tight study schedule dominates all my time it have alternative use.

Take sports or arts be examples, running on the ground and perform a music by Mozart are means of lighten stress and I always do. In my opinions, if we live without those activities will drench in study pressure and impede their personal growth in the future. The last but not least, relying on tutorial class and additional notes is not a good way in education. The tutorial school are focusing on teaching examination skills and predicting the question which will probably appear in the following paper.

Students cannot gain any moral value or communication skills those could not be studied in the notes. I was blindly practice past paper without thinking. However, my teacher told me that it is not the aims of education. From that time, I start to think that the marks is not the most significant part in learning, but the knowledge and values are. Tutorial school and its service is necessary as a supplementary function. The additional service cover the missing part of normal learning in school.

It may help students consolidate the knowledge they learnt to achieve a good result in academic purpose. However, I do not think it is a clever way to totally relying on tutorial classes. Self-study is always the greatest means we strive for success. We should look for text books or surf internet when we come across with difficulties. Seeking help from teachers is also a sound method. Developing well attitude of studying is prior to depend on others.

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