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The Human rights act affects the all of the Uniformed Public Services because of the fact that it means that everyone has these rights all over the world and the Britain is sworn to protect everyone’s human rights in the UK and the human rights of citizens of the United Kingdom all over the world. This can affect the police services because of the fact that in the Human Right act, it states that you have a right to freedom from arrest or unjustified police searches, ‘among the wide range of circumstances covered by the act are disproportionate use of stop and search powers against ethnic minorities’ http://woman. Hazarding com/humanitarianism’s/affect-public-sector. So the police cannot arrest someone if they do not have any proof, because everyone that is a citizen of the UK is entitled to a right from the freedom of arrest, so this might mean that even though the police may know a person has committed a crime, if that cannot prove it then they cannot arrest him/her. This affects the police service because it means that they may be letting a criminal back on to the streets to possibly commit more crime.

The Human Rights act may also affect the Uniformed Public services because of the fact that in the Armed services it is impossible o protect the human right of a serviceman/woman in other countries, such as Afghanistan to the same standards of what they WOUld expect in the KICK. This may affect the Armed Services because of the fact that they may think that they are being treated unfairly. The human rights act may also affect the UPS because Human rights affect the police by monitoring any action the police force take.

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The police are also answerable to the human rights in regard to their unjustifiable actions that involve wrong use of firearms and public order policing that they are defying. Increased Usage of Reserve Forces This is happening because the Government is making cuts to the regular Armed forces (Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force & Royal Marines)to save the UK money and to slowly release them from the over extensive debt that they are currently in. The increased usage of reserve forces affects the military massively.

One way is that the reserve forces do not receive adequate training and therefore cannot perform as well as a full time serviceman/woman; this is because regular service personnel undergo training almost every day of the year so are more actively ready for the job specific role. And also if the reserve forces do not receive adequate training it can jeopardize not only their own safety, but also those around them. And also it makes the UK more vulnerable to attack; this is because by increasing the amount of reserve forces, there would be less active service personnel on duty, leaving the I-J out in the open for an attack.

However on the other hand another way that they increased use of reserve forces may affect the Military is that it means that instead of having regular service personnel do jobs that aren’t anything to do with their job, (laundry, office work r doing the cleaning) you could have the reserve forces to fill in to those jobs. ‘there are available to address unforeseen situations bolster defenses, or exploit opportunities’ http://en. Wisped. Erg/wick/military_reserve_force And another positive is that you would be able to pay the reserves less, so therefore, not only would the Armed Forces be saving money, but would also be allowing military personnel to do their specific job roles where they are really needed. Fire Station Closures The government is cutting the budgets of many of the fire stations all over the UK o increase the amount of money in the K, but by doing this there will also be a negative effect on the smaller Fire Service Stations. EOM round of budget cuts will see 131 fire fighters lose their job, and bosses in Tone and Wear say safety standards will suffer as 20% of the workforce goes’ http://www. Chronicled . Co. UK/news/north-east-news/fire-services- 131-fire-6234420 The budget cuts on the fire service have meant that many smaller fire stations have had to close down because of the fact that they cannot afford to run the fire station on heir new budget.

This affects the Emergency services because of the fact that the bigger fire stations in major cities and towns, may be called to a village to sort out a small fire or deal with car crashes in the middle of the countryside, drawing them away from the main cities and towns and therefore overstretching their capabilities. And in some cases may not be able to attend a major incident because of the fact they have been called to a minor emergency in a small village.

The budget cuts to the fire service would also means that because of the fact hat in some cases the nearest fire station may be miles away, which could mean that the police or the ambulance service would be first on scene, this effects the Emergency Services because it means that the police or ambulance service maybe put into a position where they have to take action, for example; if the police were first on scene at a major car crash they wouldn’t have the appliances to handle the incident so they would have may have to put themselves at risk in the safety of others.

Therefore the decrease in the fire service’s budgets could in extreme cases cause death to either service personnel or civilians. Responses from society to Government Policies Terrorism- there has been terrorist attacks all around the UK since the early 197(Yes. This is when the AIR (Irish Republican Army) decided to target garrisons, military installations, and anyone believed to be involved with the British Armed Forces, in which many servicemen/women and civilians were injured and killed, it also caused millions of pounds of damage to military and civilian property.

This was in response to the new Government Policies set by the UK Government. And ore recently there have been terrorist attacks from Islamic extremist groups; the cause of this is from the military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. Civil Disobedience/ Demonstrations- this is when people deliberately plan to breach the law. In the UK there have been many examples of this where people have disobeyed the law. There have been many examples of civil disobedience over the years. The most famous of these is probably the Salt March in 1930. This march was led by Gandhi and was in protest against the British Empire and there Salt tax.

Meetings Sit-ins & picketing- picketing is a form of protest in which people congregate outside a place of work or location where an event is taking place, a sit-in is when a form of protest in which demonstrators occupy a place, refusing to leave until their demands are met. People have the right to protest in the LIKE as long as it a peaceful protest and within the boundaries of the law. From early November until the present day there have been many fire-fighters protesting outside their stations or going on strike due to the cuts to the fire service and the increased age that you have to work until you are able to retire with a pension.

Disturbances at Military Installations- this type of protest is carried out from the result of Military policy or by environmentalists who are protesting about the military using or endangering the wildlife and the countryside. An example of this is when a group of protester were causing a disturbance at RAFF Afford in Clotheshorse, this was because the American Air Force were using it to station their stealth bombers which at the time were being used to hit specific targets in Afghanistan.

This led to breaches of the camps perimeter and it caused the police to be UN-necessarily used to make arrests and SE recourses that could be used elsewhere. Conclusion From the information that have gathered I have come to the conclusion that the government, although not running the Uniformed Public Services it still plays a big part on what they can and cannot do. I think that the government shouldn’t have a say in anything about what the Uniformed Public Services do or don’t do, I think that it should be down to the person that is in overall command of that Uniformed Service.

I think that because not only are the government not members of the Uniformed Public Services, so they don’t know the first thing bout what it is like to be part of the Uniformed services, but also because of the fact that the people in command of the Uniformed Public Services should be interpreted as good leaders and role models, so what type of role model is a middle-aged man/women who earns far more than most people, for arguing like children about matters that shouldn’t even involve them in the first place.

In my opinion I think that the policies for the Uniformed Public Services should be made by service personnel, this is because they know more about their service than a politician. My opinion on the cuts to fire services budget cuts is that it is ring. Because by cutting the budgets, it will cause the collapse and closure of many smaller but at the same time important fire stations. I think that this is not good in any way shape or form, this is because of the fact that it means the time from calling the fire service to them actually turning up would increase in time in smaller towns or villages.

This could potentially, in some cases, because the fire service to be too late to an incident to put out the fire because it could have spread or in other cases it could mean the death of either service personnel or civilians. Therefore in conclusion I think that there should not be any cuts to the fire service but instead to other less important jobs. My opinion on the increased use of reserve forces is that I am not for or against it.

This is because of the fact that the reserve forces on one hand can be a bad thing because it puts across the image of a less professional workforce, this is because they are not one- hundred percent devoted to the Uniformed Public Services and because of this cannot or do not spend a lot of time on making themselves look a professional as the regular Services. But on the other hand I think that the increased use of reserve forces could be official for the Uniformed Public Services.

This is because not only are they trained as Service personnel but they are also trained in other roles in civilian life, for example; a man, who is in the Army Reserve, may also be trained as a vehicle mechanic in his civilian life. My overall conclusion from the information that I have gathered, is that policies set by the government should not affect the Uniformed Public Services and that the Uniformed Public Services should be ran by Uniformed Service personnel.

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