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Victoria Secret Ad: Summary and Response

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In small otters under the bra, at the bottom of the ad, there is text that says, “dress your boyfriend’s floor”, under that there are big boiled letters that say “Victorians Secret” vivid the website www. Evisceration. Com below. The font is in black to contrast the pink and stand out to the viewer _ (Victorians Secret) The ad is trying to persuade ladies from 16- mid ass’s, vivo tend to be sexually active but not settled down, to buy lingerie that they can feel good and kick sexy in.

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Victoria Secret Ad: Summary and Response
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It is suggestive toward the male population because they are saying their girlfriends would have bras that they can “dress their floors” With, suggesting that women buy the lingerie more so for their man. This relates to the sexism in our society today by how it’s making women feel like they need to please their man before themselves. Before all the provocative lingerie advertisements presented today, women used to buy comfortable bras that they would wear under clothing.

There was a much less concern for the particular color and style of the bra.

However, women are more concerned currently about what exactly the bras look like and it heir boyfriend will think they are good enough, This advertisement may seem like there is not much going on, but there is a great deal to underlying context that most people can’t identify. The position of the hand is showing that the bra isn’t just being used as an undergarment but as a sex symbol. Ethos is presented in the colors, while the bra is a dark red. Red has multiple emotions affiliated with it. Dark red often symbolizes willpower, leadership, and anger.

The ad goes from a dark red on the edges, through most shades of red, to a light pink in the aground of the bra. Red is associated with love, desire, determination, energy and strength. Light red suggests joy, sensitivity, and sexuality. Lastly, pink suggests more of a romance and friendship. As the color get lighter, the mood gets less serious and aimed towards feelings rather than temporary moods. This suggests that the bra will create these emotions. Not only is the ad focusing in on the color Of the bra, but also the size. The size of the bra looks about average.

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