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Lake Victoria Case in Study

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LAKE VICTORIA Krystle Baxter University of Phoenix August, 2012 Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water lake in East Africa. Lake Victoria was the home to over 400 cichlids; which today more than half of the population are now extinct. A major destruction of Lake Victoria’s ecological balance was due to the Nile Perch. The Nile perch is a large voracious predator. The Nile Perch was brought to Lake Victoria to help out fisherman but instead the ecological balance of the lake stared to destroy.

By 1980 fisherman noticed they were catching more Nile Perch and less of the cichlids.

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Lake Victoria Case in Study
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Water Hyacinth also is a major issue that has helped decrease the clearness of Lake Victoria. The water plant has now caused the lake to suffocate. The Nile Perch played a major role with the destruction of Lake Victoria due to humankind error. The Nile perch was brought to Lake Victoria to help out fisherman. The problem with this was Lake Victoria was the home to the cichlids and by bringing in the Nile Perch they were becoming extinct in their own habitat.

However, the Nile Perch was not the only downfall for Lake Victoria.

Pollution also played a role in complications with Lake Victoria. The pollution caused for loss of cichlids as well. Agricultures practices contributed fertilizers and sediment from soil erosion. Both increased the turbidity of the water. The soil erosion made the fresh water cloudy. Amongst other environmental problems water hyacinth, a water plant, for nearly 20 years has formed a canopy over the water and covering the pier. This is causing Lake Victoria to suffocate. There has been research going on for some time now to help find a solution to the up keeping of Lake Victoria.

Scientist is now hoping mobile phones may be able to save Lake Victoria. According to Daniel Ooko, Kenyan correspondent, scientist from the Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International (CABI) hope to use SMS (short message service) to help stakeholders get rid of water hyacinth by providing messages ,mass notices, and general information. The people of Kenya use Lake Victoria for drinking water, bathing and fishing so by educating them will help the country as a whole help with running Lake Victoria. Dr. Roger Day, deputy director from CABI, states “We are currently orking hard in our laboratory researching on which bio-control options work best under different conditions such as the Lake Victoria hyacinth menace. ” Due to water hyacinth the shores of Lake Victoria is having a major effect on wildlife because the people depend on it for survival. Even though the fish population provides income and protein, eradication is a priority because it is chocking Lake Victoria. In order to improve the water supply experts from the University of Oxford and Rural Focus Limited in Kenya are working to use the mobile phone to improve water management.

The smart water system will lead to metering and payment by using mobile banking. “Smart water system offers the potential to improve the lives of millions of Kenyans who are able to pay for their water provided they receive it in a sustainable, affordable and acceptable manner” says Water Services Regulatory Board CEO Robert Gakubia. By conducting experimental analysis can and will help to decrease environmental issues amongst Lake Victoria. Since there are different issues causing complications many test would have to be conducted in order to see what will help the fresh water supply.

By having scientist find the root of the problem, examine it; testing the problem and coming up with a solution is the best way to come up with a logical solution to preserve Lake Victoria. According to the different texts there are quite of few experiments and testing going on to help keep the water clean and preserve the fish. By the Lake being a great asset to Kenya, Africa it is a must that the community and everyone get involved. It was said that the water management has come up with a solution to provide potential to improve millions of lives of Kenya who are able to pay for their water.

It seems as the researchers have a good hypothesis and have been conducting test to show how effective the water management can help the clarity of the water. With the water better and clean the fish population will have a better chance at reproduction. With the fish population raising the fisherman will have catch and will be able to provide for their families. Overall and alternative solution will be just to educate the people of Kenya. Go around the community and educate those who may not be aware of the seriousness of the water supply and needs. By the SMS and smart metering and banking can help the country as a whole.

Also by fining companies from dumping branches and firewood would help eliminate the pollution caused by the dumping. I believe if people know better they will do better. Lake Victoria is what families rely on for survival and everyone should help in keeping it clean. As long as the test keep coming and scientist keep researching on improvements Lake Victoria can rise from destruction. REFERENCES Raven, P. , Berg, L. , & Hassenzahl, D. (2010). Environment. (7th ed. ). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons, Inc. www. gemininews. org Scientists turn to technology to save Lake Victoria from hyacinth Ooko, Daniel (2011)

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