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Dedication pagededicate this senior project to my family as a memory of my sixth grade endear project for helping me with my senior project even through hard times. For example i had a basketball game and it started at around 7:15 pm and it ended at around 9:30 pm and my mom let me do some of my senior project another example I was sick and she still helped me through it my dad also helped my through some hard time i was frustrated with the amount of time i had left to finish and the helped me relax and breath and that helped me focusSenior projectThe first video gameThe first video game was invented in 1971. The name of the video game was Computer space. The manufacturer was Nutting Associates. The developer was Nolan Bushnell his business partner was Ted Dabney. The game is about you in a rocket ship and you are trying to destroy two flying saucers and when you do so you go into hyperspace were you do it again.

This Computer space is a very rare arcade game there is only 131,628 in the world that are up and running this game is a box type thing with a control panel with 4 buttons a thrust, missile, and a rotate right and leftSecond video game The second video game was invented in 1972, the manufacture was atri corporation pong was the first commercially successful video game. Pong is a game where there are two paddles and they move up and down trying to get in across the screen an try to make it so your opponent cannot hit it back to you side pong was also invented by nolan Bushnell and ted Dabney. Pong had four times more revenue constetally than any other coin operated machine. Third gameThe third game was invented in 1978 it was the first high score achieving video game. Space invaders. Space invaders was manufactured by Nishikado and was sold by Taito. Space invaders was a two dimensional game with a laser cannon controlled ship.

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The ship is controlled by the player. The ship moved up and down and side to side the objective of the game was to eliminate all enemy ships. By the end of 1978 Japan made a good $600 million from Space Invaders alone and was the best selling game from then to about 1980. The designer of Space invaders was said to be influenced by star wars. By 1981 there was over $1 billion sales. Interesting history facts In the original version Donkey kong the name was jump man and the little character was not a plumber but a carpenter. The game megaman was originally called rockman but his name was changed when he came to america from japan

Education requirements Most designers go to college for about 2-4 years some for 6. They get a bachelor’s degree is the want to try it but if they are confident in the jaob thy will go for 6 years for a masters degree. The best college you can go to get a game designers degree is university of southern california.The Interactive Media and Game design program are offered through the school of Cinematic Arts, while the Computer Science program with a concentration in games is.The University of Utah, located in Salt Lake City, has also been highly ranked by the Princeton Review and offers their students valuable internship experience that give them an idea of the artistry and technical skills required to make it in this field offered through the School of Engineering and is more technical in nature. Most desingior go for a bachelors but the minimum requirement is a high school diploma. You have to be creative and have experience with video games.

The requirements vary on the video game job specitally. Skills needed for the job game theory, storytelling, creative content writing, brainstorming, creative thinking, and game design project management. Some schools might place you in internship or co-op positions where you can work with industry professionals to produce new games or modify already existing games. You can also develop your programming skills by creating game simulations or prototypes in a lab setting. Some programs require you to complete a senior project or portfolio to present to employers. These degree programs may prepare you for leadership roles at a gaming company where you could oversee artists and programmers. Before graduating, you may have to construct a working game title as part of a capstone project. Some programs focus on the art and design aspect of creating video games while others focus strictly on development.

Additionally students who choose to obtain a degree in animation can choose video game design and production as their minor. Regardless of the specific program a degree in video game design teaches students about the gaming industry as a whole.There are other ways to get video game designing experience however. Some of those ways include landing an internship or apprenticeship with a video game designing company, adding levels to existing games and working on your own games that you can test and share online.

Video game designers work about thirty-five hours a week and make about $64,000. According to Game Developer, 96 percent of game designers received benefits in 2012. Roughly 84% received medical benefits, 80% got dental benefits, and 70% had access to a company-sponsored retirement plan. In addition to benefits, 79 % of game designers reportedly received income other than their salary through bonuses, royalties, stock options and employer contributionsto retirement plans. In addition to a high salary, 77% of video game programmers reported to Game Developer that they received other financial incentives in 2011. Those who received financial benefits made an average of $17,689 above and beyond their salary. Fifty-one percent of programmers earning financial benefits reported receiving an annual bonus, and 27 percent received a bonus for specific projects. Thirty-seven percent received stock options or equity in the company, and 12 percent received royalties for titles that they worked on A solid majority of video game programmers — 94% as of 2011 — receive other benefits from their employers. Ninety-nine percent of those receiving benefits from their employer reported that they got medical benefits, and 93 percent received dental coverage. In addition, 84 percent of those receiving benefits had access to a retirement savings plan through their employer, and 49 percent reported receiving employer contributions to their pension and retirement plans.

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