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LEADERSHIP STYLES * MOTIVATIONAL ENVIRONMENT * At Vinamilk, motivational environment are professional environment, challenging job, opportunities to work with the experienced people who used to work in multinational corporations. In order to create a good motivational environment for employees, so that they can show their creativeness freely, put knowledge and experience into practice to build and develop the company, Vinamilk has established the Inspiring culture:Knowing that the value and success of the company rely on employees’ creativeness and interest in work, Vinamilk always exerts itself to create a professional, friendly and open-hearted environment in order for individuals to show their creativeness, also promote their potentials to make differences.

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At Vinamilk, employees are always respected, listened and shared. Each individual also understands that he is a link of a chain in a united and powerful team. Their efforts and achievements are recognized and highly commended. That is the big motivation to help they find interests and be ready for new challenges in their work.

Outdoor activities, performance, dancing and camping… are held frequently to help employees enjoy happy and useful moments. They also have a chance to understand each other and promote teamwork spirit effectively. Besides, employees have also been provided a Training program to help them develop and achieve career objectives. Professional and skills training courses as well as practical training days are held frequently. Vinamilk works out a plan of career development for employees and bring them suitable training programs to help them improve working effects. When their working effects are improved, the employees will be entrusted with more challenging tasks, together with assistance from their colleagues and superiors, and therefore their career objective will be achieved. | * Believe that human is the most valuable property of Vinamilk, the company consider salary as the most effective investment. Working at Vinamilk means that employees will get a satisfactory salary according to their working capacity and competitive salary. Moreover, Bonus stock Program is considered as the motivation for teams of devoted Vinamilk’s employees. Recognizing employees’ contribution is also Vinamilk’s concern. The program of performance appraisal and attractive annual bonus show its consideration for employees’ success and reflect the fair between them.

Besides, Health Insurance Program and transport assistance are also one of distinguishing benefits the company give to its staff. * Along with Vinamilk’s continued development, they provide employees lots of new job opportunities. Leading in milk production industry in Vietnam and having been integrating into the global market, they have great ambitions to develop more. There will be more chance for employees to deal with new roles and new challenge. * VINAMILK’S GREAT CEO – MAI KIEU LIEN Speaking of women entrepreneurs Mai Kieu Lien, organizers voted awards, said: “Two years are extremely challenging year that the global economy has faced, but the leadership of Ms. Mai Kieu Lien has to steer the company through difficult times and help Vinamilk emerged as a company growing, always moving forward. Mai Kieu Lien not only the greatest contribution in developing the company’s business, environmental protection, social responsibility, but she also has efforts in raising standards of corporate governance in Vietnam. With the continuous strong commitment and persistence of Ms.

Mai Kieu Lien and businesses in the social issues and the environment in the region, she has set an important foundation to further enhance the value of the stock large companies – this will help her and be able to pursue business opportunities for important business. ” * In an interview, Mrs. Lien shares how she manages the firm: she empowers others manager by providing them with the information, responsibility, authority, and trust to make decisions and act independently. Only if having difficulty, the managers ask her for opinion. And she also handles very quickly, just within one day the managers get the answers.

Working via email is primarily. * Mrs. Lien also says that she had anticipated the crisis and prepared measures to cope with bad times. Businesses must build a long term plan to take new initiatives in any circumstance. Every year the plan should be revised and reviewed to adapt to prevailing market conditions. * In 2012, she made an impressive decision to import material for the entire year. In order to choose the time to do that, the company’s leader needed good forecast ability, experience of the market and production and trade strategies.

This indispensable factor is called resolution. * Lien always demands unceasing creativity in her company in order to produce new products for the market. * At present, she pays great attention to training confidential and talented staff and managers for the company. She said that the company does not depend on any individual. * To reach the current position, Vinamilk has faced strong competition from foreign milk which has been preferred over domestic products. As a result, Lien never accepts producing items that other companies have yielded much success in, but encourages new products.

She said that all products born at the company have raked in good profits. The company introduced yoghurt and ice cream for the first time in 1993, when people lined up to purchase them. They reclaimed their investment within three months. In conclusion, with her leadership style, Mai Kieu Lien has propelled the dairy company into international markets with a wide range of products to 23 countries in the world. Vinamilk becomes one of the most profitable brands in Vietnam and a blue chip on the local stock exchange.

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Vinamilk. (2016, Oct 27). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/vinamilk/

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