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Violence Makes Violence Research Paper Violence

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Violence Makes Violence Essay, Research Paper

Violence Makes Violence

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Violence Makes Violence Research Paper Violence
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A Clockwork Orange


Anthony Burgess

This novel is short? merely being about 180 pages? but looks may

deceive you, or in other words don? T justice a book purchase its screen or its

thickness. A Clockwork Orange is really 360 pages because you

have to read between the lines. You may believe that the narrative? s subject is

that the hereafter will be filled with atrocious decadent force ( that is what

I foremost thought ) , but if you read between the lines you will understand

that this book is written for one chief intent, a intent other than


A Clockwork Orange was written in 1962, narrative about the hereafter

which was meant to be about 1995 to 2000 ( a auto used in the narrative

called a 95 & # 8242 ; Durango ) . A male child about 17, Alex the storyteller and

chief character life in London, rampages about with his? droogs?

( friends ) raping, stealing, whipping and even killing people. Alex one twenty-four hours

is caught for slaying and jailed but two old ages subsequently he is fortunately freed

twelve old ages before his sentence ends to take advantage of a new

intervention for violent people like him that he volunteered for.

He goes

through the therapy and succeeds and returns back to civilisation. He

now becomes ill when he is about to perpetrate a violent or sexual, but

besides when the Ninth Symphony by Beethoven dramas ( a child defect

from the intervention ) . Alex is driven to try suicide from this defect

because he is locked within a chamber playing this vocal and does non

carry through his undertaking. He is hospitalized and returns to his? ultra-violent?

ego while the inhumane intervention does non work because it does non

even give people a pick about being violent.

While Alex helps to show the subject, two different results are

formed. First, Alex goes through a great alteration from being? ultra-

violent? to going Lamb-chop and so back to being? ultra-violent? .

Second, the subject defines the major struggle of the narrative. Although the

struggle does non hold to make with Alex straight, he helps to exemplify it.

The struggle is non solved in the book and will likely ne’er be solved,

but it does convey up for argument what Anthony Burgess thinks approximately right

or incorrect, sing the controversial state of affairs of a rhythm of force.

? Violence makes Violence, ? is what was one time said to Alex by P. R.

Deltoid, his instructor from school before he went to prison. This book

brings up. What do we make to person who has committed a violent

offense? Do we penalize them with more force, for case decease, or make

we help them? This is the job that has arisen in this narrative and besides

in our day-to-day lives with the decease punishment. Anthony Burgess thinks that

the solution to force should non be force, but he does non give any


In A Clockwork Orange a new intervention for disturbingly violent

felons is developed by scientists working for the English authorities

and the authorities tests it on some convicted violent captives. The

intervention guaranteed that the patient would turn good and be let out into

the free universe once more. Alex was one of the lucky ( because of decreased

sentence ) people chosen. The intervention includes long yearss of watching

violent film cartridge holders while a patient is hooked up to a batch of hardware.

The intervention works because now when a ex-criminal sees or are about

to perpetrate barbarous violent or condemnable or sexual Acts of the Apostless you become ill and

can non execute the undertaking. This process was thought of to stop force

without doing force, because every action causes a reaction. For

illustration, when Alex was free to return to his life, his? droogs? betray

him and beat him up badly in payback for his cruel opinion as leader of

the squad of friends. This might do Alex to come back and ache them

once more, which he considers. This causes a concatenation of force that may take

old ages to stop. When Alex is about to travel to Dr. Brodsky ( the adult male who

will bring around him ) , the governor speaks to Alex. He told him about how

these new extremist thoughts and methods of intervention have been formed

( from? ultra-violent? to a lamb ) , and he does non O.K. of them. ? If

person hits you, you hit back, do you non, ? the governor said to Alex.

The governor means that for each action there will be a solution of even

more force. The predating brings up the inquiry of turning the bad

into the good or the? province should hit back? besides like the inmate. One

thing that is of import here is that the province does non care about turning

the bad into good, but on cutting down on offense and the lone manner to make

that is cut down on the figure of felons. But by making that with

? merely? ways. In the terminal this declaration is merely another violent penalty

because it does non give people freedom and it can so take to decease. In

Alex? s instance he tried to perpetrate suicide. As you see this job of

settling what to make to criminals is already really complicated to work out and

may ne’er be solved, but as it says in the Old Testament, slaying will

consequence with slaying ( of the felon ) or in other words force makes


This job is non for me to work out, but I think that an inexperienced person,

good and hardworking individual such as for illustration Alex? s parents

should hold the right to populate in peace. Therefore, one end to derive more

peace is to seek to decrease offense, and to make that, penalties have to be

given. If a goon were unpunished he would believe he could freely

commit atrocious offenses once more. This means that the inmate has to be

stopped and taught a lesson before guiltless and peaceable people get

injury. Consequently, protecting good people is more of import than non

penalizing a felon because the good people might acquire hurt and non the

condemnable. Now merely the justice has to take who is good and bad.

The book and the film complement each other. First, the book is

less distinct with the subject and the subject in the film is really direct.

Second, after reading the book any inquiries you might hold are solved

in the film because the film is much more clear and it is besides made

for an audience with less intelligence, who come to see force.

Finally, both the film and the book are likewise except that there is more

description in the book and more mediate clip between all the

of import events in the book. Otherwise, if you read the book foremost and

see the film second, you will understand the inquiry brought up by

the subject. I liked the fact that there were more that 300 words non in

English, which were invented by the writer and made from Russian,

hence I had to look up a batch of words in the index, but it was

entertaining reading like that. The thing I liked most about the book is

the controversial inquiry brought up and seeking to work out it myself. I

can non believe of any disfavors about the book, but I unlike Anthony

Burgess, I think that there should be a solution to. You may inquire what

was between the lines and now you get your reply: Anthony Burgess

explains how force is non a solution to force ( force makes

force ) , and that is the subject of A Clockwork Orange.


A Clockwork Orange


Anthony Burgess

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