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Wear Resistant Components Development of Crusher

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Recently, the successful launch of the Shenzhou-9 manned spaceship is enough to prove that the machinery manufacturing capability and technology are in line with the international standard. Henan Hongxing machinery is also developing equipment catering to the market demand. Hongxing tries to keep up with the trend of market development and master advanced technology in mining machinery market.

The application of new type abrasion resistant materials is the backbone of rapid development of crusher. High manganese steel is firstly put forward after operator processes and hardens the impact load and high extrusion stress to component surface.

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Wear Resistant Components Development of Crusher
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It is called the first generation wear resistant material because it is used as the toothed plate of jaw crusher, movable cone of cone crusher, fixed cone and hammer. With the development of crushing machine, more and more problems emerge one after another. For example, the enlargement of crushing field, the requirement for equipment durability and wear resistant material.

Ni-hard cast iron is considered as the second generation wear resistant material with hardness about HRC55-60.

Due to its large brittleness, it only can be used as small components such as helical blade of sand washer. In addition, the application of nickel ore resources is narrow due to the fact that the nickel ore resources are extremely rare.

In the manufacturing of high-end equipment, high wear resistant material is generally chosen due to its high gold content, good liquidity, fine contractibility and poor thermal conductivity. Consequently, progressive solidification principle is adopted in designing casting molding process. Special casting method is adopted in the large and thick casting process. New type wear resistant material is under research. Once the new wear resistant material is applied, the rapid development of impact crusher will be greatly promoted.

cone crushers:http://www.hx-china.com/5.html
limestone rotary.

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