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Weaving A Successful Web Career

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  • Pages 3
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    Since the internet has been around online users are just increasing in numbers. According to Steven, Johns (December, 2019) with the help of other resources gathered Internet Stats & Facts for 2019, it was estimated that there were 3.7 billion internet users accounted for in 2017 and 3.9 billion as of December 2018. When you think of the term internet users it is more than just the people who shop online, socialize or play games. Internet users could be a business that uses the web to market products online or a company who’s website is the back bone of their business. The internet is a powerful tool and it effects more than just the online users. If the web were to cease too exists the market would be effected because companies could go out of business from a loss of sales and in turn the economy would be effected.

    So it is safe to say that the internet is more than just a trend and with the growth of internet users the popularity of a career in web design has grown as well. All year round 24-hours a day the internet is always online and for some millennials the web has always been a part of life. Though the internet offers users a reliability and connivence, it did not just pop out of the ground. Behind every web page there is a web designer who created it and depending on how extensive the website is, it may take a web designers months behind the scenes to create a working website. Craig, Lebrau, said that there are 3 types of web developers. The first type is the front end web developer who’s job consist of writing a web page using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to transform the basic information on the page into a workable website.

    Then there is the job of a back end web developer who’s focus is securing the website, maintaining the performance and making sure the back end operations run smooth. The third type of web developer is known as a full-stack designer and has knowledge of both the front end and back end of web development. Lebrau says that even if you are a full stack web developer that is not enough to stand out from the competition. That to become a successful web designer one must create an impressive portfolio and have a niche in marketing their own web design company as well. Using the statistics that Johns found there are over 121,000 web developers in the US alone and Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be a 20% growth in the industry through 2020.

    Internet statistics say that out of the 121,000 web developers 18% are said to be self employed. With the predicted growth of web designers it is easy to see why Lebrau said one must create more than just an impressive portfolio. So what is the key factor to a creating a successful portfolio? Liu C. and Arneet K, “Information and Management, “ A successful website is one that attracts customers, makes them feel the site is trustworthy, dependable and reliable and generates customer satisfaction.” So with new companies in constant need of web professionals a career in web design could be a bright future if you can create a successful website and market it just as well.

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