Can a Person Have a Successful Career Without College Education

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Ellen DeGeneres has become one of the most popular comedians and television host with a net worth of $400 million. Although she did attempt to go to college at the University of New Orleans, she dropped out after only one semester. Many question if college education is really needed to become a successful individual. Anyone can see from Ellen’s accomplishments, a college education isn’t always needed to have a successful and thriving career. Nevertheless, an education is very important, especially given that most criterions and requirements have changed for a great deal of occupations in recent years. Achieving a higher level of education comes with a price. Marry H. Cooper states in her article, “The cost of higher education has been growing at almost twice the rate of inflation” (20 Nov. 1992). Success can be obtained in various ways without ever thinking of pursuing a college education.

In the essay, “The Anti-College Movement: Finding The Songs in The Clamor”, Heather Schilling talks about the downfall many college students face. In paragraph one she states how people lost faith in the value of going to college because of the costly bills they are left with upon graduating. Schilling states that even with a costly bill, those who receive their bachelor’s degree, have better outcomes and benefits then those who do not have a degree. However, it is still not guaranteed a student with a bachelors will find a job in the cooperate world. In paragraph two Schilling states, “as a result, some college graduates find themselves struggling to find employment or find themselves underemployed” (235). These graduates end up working jobs having no demands of bachelors. Research shows it is tougher for graduates in the twenty first century to attain an occupation in their field of degree. Schilling explains the high expense of college students cannot afford, this results in loans they are unable to reimburse.

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There are many advantages when it comes to attending college and receiving a higher education. Reed Karaim states in his article, “Worldwide, university enrollment has grown from about 100 million in 2000 to 158 million today and is expected to reach 263 million by 2025.” Most individuals have been told that seeking a successful job with no college education or degree is very hard to do. Attending college seems as if it is more of an inclination rather than a necessity. Unfortunately, there are multiple reasons why numerous people aren’t able to attend college and must find other ways to achieve success. College is definitely not always the answer, but in most cases it will not be an easy journey if an alternate route is chosen. In her book, “I don’t want to go to college: other paths to success”, Heather Hutchins states, “Some people are lucky enough to be born knowing exactly what they want to “be” or what they would like to do as a career”(1). Figuring out what a person would like their profession to be early on mitigates the need for college if not wanted. Some people are simply not equipped mentally for college. Lacking the interest, focus, and ability to remain consistent with college is very common. A Certification program is an alternate route that is very useful and helpful when trying to avoid the hardship that comes with attending college. Certificates take little time compared to attending college. To some companies and businesses certificates are somewhat equivalent to having a degree. At times, drive, ambition, focus, and the desire to accomplish a goal are all that is needed.

Not pursuing college doesn’t mean the chance of success is lowered, but it could be more difficult. Having a degree also does not mean instant employment or success. It has been and still is a growing topic based on students not being able to find successful work in their field of study after graduating. In his book “Success without college,” Jason Fertig states, “Direct more young people into relevant job-training and certificate programs”(292). Being educated on different ways to pursue future success besides college could save a great deal of time and money. Celebrities tend make success look effortless and more promising to the eye, but plenty of hard work and perseverance will always be required. Becoming successful depends on how hard an individual is willing to work to create a successful career. Success can be obtained in various ways without ever thinking of pursuing a college education.

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