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Amazon Web Services is a aggregation ofA web services that together do up aA cloud computingA platform, offered over the Internet byA AWS or Amazon Web service is a suite of merchandises used for hosting that aims to take the problem out of traditional hosting solutions.

Dropbox, Reddit and many other services use Amazon web Service. AWS is n’t merely used for storage, It can besides be used to host a twosome of serversA on AWS and rather expeditiously excessively. It can be used host a big graduated table of applications such as a backend plan for an iPhone application or a big waiter for a banking industry. The below Image shows the services provided by Amazon Web Services The grounds why we have chosen amazon web service as opposed to its rivals are listed below.

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The most of import characteristic of the Amazon Web Service is the flexibleness it gives to its user. All the service hosted work and pass on together with the application to automatically judge demand and manage the work consequently. The devising usage of Application Programming Interfaces ( APIs ) provided by Amazon and the Amazon Machine Images ( AMIs ) we create, we can hold a solution which is wholly customized and one that commissariats a waiter case in less than 10 proceedingss, and is ready to accept connexions once it comes on-line. The cases can so be rapidly close down when they are no longer needed, doing server direction at the easiest of all time. It besides provides the Auto Scaling and Load Balancing characteristics which enhances the flexibleness of Amazon Web Service.


The AWS is the fastest among the full service supplier available. The Elastic Block Storage ( EBS ) is about every bit fast as S3, but provides different characteristics. EC2 Compute Units provides Xeon-class public presentation to the user at an hourly rate. The dependability is better with Amazon Web service than most other private datacenters in the universe, and if there is a job in the waiter, you ‘re ever still on-line, but with decreased capacity. An illustration of this is the recent outage ” that happened in the Northern Virginia bunch of AWS, one of Amazon ‘s primary datacenter farms in the United States. It affected Reddit,, and several other major sites which had used Amazon Web Service.

These sites were still on-line but in a  read-only ” manner, as Amazon had to close down composing to their backend storage until they could decide the job. In a traditional hosting environment, this likely would hold meant a longer downtime and 404 mistakes ( Page non found ) as the web sites would hold stopped reacting. But in a genuinely cloud-hosted environment like AWS, there ‘s adequate separation between processing and storage that sites can stay on-line and go on bring forthing gross even with decreased functionality. But the primary public presentation power of Amazon Web Service is in the storage.

The distributed nature of Elastic Block Storage ( EBS ) and Amazon Simple Storage Service ( S3 ) yields 1000000s of inputs and end product operations per second to all its cases. Imagine of it like holding a raid array of Solid State Drives on a peculiar computing machine with unbelievable bandwidth, and you have a storage system which is capable of huge grading, with an approximative dependability of 99.999999999 % .

Pay for what you use Pricing

The pricing policy used by Amazon Web Service is really different from most of the other service suppliers. Every service provided by Amazon Web Service is a La menu ” , intending you pay for what you use. This makes it really utile for waiter substructure, when the traffic is really bursty, particularly when the site is big.

See a scenario when you need to develop an application to showcase it at an event for a really short continuance of clip. If we were to utilize a traditional service supplier we would be tied up to a twelvemonth contract but utilizing amazon web service we pay for what we use, and besides we pay for the CPU use and non by the continuance entirely. This manner the user does non hold to worry about the public presentation as the AWS ‘ Auto scaling would make a new Instance and equilibrate the burden.

The Free Tier

The free grade provided by AWS on user enrollment, provides adequate recognition for a user to run an EC2 micro case 24/7 all month. It comes with Simple Storage Service, EC2 compute hours, Elastic Load Balancer clip, and much more. This gives developers a opportunity to seek out Amazon Web Services Application Programing Interface in the package they develop, which non merely enhances their package, but besides ties them to Amazon which would profit Amazon in the long tally.

Deployment Speed

The biggest trouble in developing an application is in during the deployment of the application. Traditional service suppliers take someplace from 48-96 hours to proviso a waiter. Then the developer needs to pass an excess few hours tweaking it and acquiring everything tested. Amazon Web Services shrinks that deployment clip to proceedingss. By doing usage of the Amazon Machine Images, we can hold a machine deployed and ready to accept connexions in a really short sum of clip.

This is of import when, for illustration, we are running a publicity that generates heavy traffic at certain specific intervals of clip, or when flexibleness is required to manage the demand when a new merchandise is released.

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