Wedding Photography Business Plan

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Executive Summary

We are dedicated to capturing a moment you can remember forever to preserve a special relationship. With many years of experience, and a gentle approach in an unhurried environment, we will preserve your memories in a beautiful piece of photographic art. Our strong commitment to client satisfaction is showcased by the perfect photograph that captures the beautiful moments of their weddings. The founder of Nurina Wedding Photography has a long history as a successful photographer.

A graduate of the University of Technology Mara, Shah Alam (UiTM) in Photography and Creative Images, her photographs have been published in magazines such as Pesona Pengantin and Ratu Sehari. The founder owns all of his equipment; therefore, no financial outlay is required for photographic equipment. Salary for the owner will be withdrawn from the year-end funds once the business is established and profitable. The owner is investing RM 10,000 from his personal savings, along with another RM 10,000 from a personal friend.

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This limits the short-term debt to RM12, 350 from the owner’s credit union, for which the business is already pre-approved. All photographs taken by Nurina Wedding Photography will carry proper copyright notice. This notice of copyright will offer protection against a claim of “innocent infringement” on the part of a client. The company will offer a wide variety of products, such as: formal studio portraits, location portrait sessions, portrait finishes, and framing.


Nurina Wedding Photography is a photography business aimed at bringing a smile to every customer’s face when they see their beautiful wedding day captured in a stunning portrait. Our goal of superior customer service and satisfaction will take dedication on the part of all staff members. Nurina Wedding Photography is currently located in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. The company is established as a full time business operation. It is the intention of the company to develop sales and broaden the client base so as to become an efficient full-time business.

The company will offer a full range of custom portrait packages. Portrait sittings are available in either the well-equipped studio, the comfort of the client’s home, or in an outdoor setting. The owner serves as the head photographer, and will require one assistant. The staff of Nurina Wedding Photography understands the value of our client’s time and provides flexible schedules and locations for photographic services. We also understand the desire of the client to be satisfied with the value received for the money spent.

At Nurina Wedding Photography, we accept nothing but the best from ourselves and our suppliers. Our office is equipped with the latest in business technology: telephone systems, computers, fax machines, email, copiers, printers, and software. The company will maintain a high degree of professionalism by using only the highest-quality photographic equipment and film to produce its portraits.

Objectives Nurina Wedding

Photography was a small business that has expanded aiming at bringing a smile to every bride and groom’s face when they see their beautiful wedding ceremony captured in a stunning portrait.

Our goal of superior customer service and satisfaction will take dedication on the part of all staff members and vendors. The vision manifests itself in three ways:

  • Produce the same outstanding quality results time after time.
  • Be recognized as the top wedding photographer in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Be steadfast to our commitment for customer service and satisfaction.

Mission oday’s environment presents the consumer with an array of choices. Nurina Wedding Photography strives to be the best choice for the client. Providing high quality portraits, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service is our hallmark.

Wedding photography, even in a strong economy, is a luxury; therefore, our customers will receive a portrait that captures not only the beauty of wedding, but also the personality. This will be achieved through client interviews and patiently spending time with each couple to make them comfortable in the setting chosen by them. At Nurina Wedding Photography, we view customers as members of the family. Through consistent, high-quality results we are committed to providing each client with value and satisfaction.

Business Model

Value proposition

The key to success at Nurina Wedding Photography includes our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We will be responsible for ensuring a high degree of professionalism in three areas:

  • Consistent fulfillment of the clients’ expectations.
  • Competitive pricing for the quality and array of services offered.
  • A fair and reasonable profit on each portrait.

Market opportunity

Nearly RM35 million are spent every year on weddings and receptions. Therefore, professional wedding photographers are a commodity, not a calamity.

Nurina Wedding  Photography is full-service wedding photographers that offer a variety of services to our clients. We pride ourselves on being professional and courteous at all times and we have packages to suit everyone’s needs. As previously stated, marriage is a million dollar industry, therefore, just about everyone we meet is a potential client. However, we mostly advertise to brides, grooms, and family members. We primarily market our services to the people who need them most–brides and grooms. The market needs for wedding photography services are strongly shaped by the customers’ desire to have perfectly wedding photographs.

Customers want their wedding day to be captured into photos to preserve memories. Most photos are taken by consumers with their own cameras, which are increasingly digital and are even part of their cell phones. Most of these photos are low quality but no one cares because only the family views them. Consumers generally engage professional portrait photographers when the photos will be viewed outside the wedding and when quality matters. Professionals, such as those in our target market, often have business needs for quality photos and have acquired a taste for them.

Revenue model

Nurina Wedding Photography makes money not only by taking pictures of its clients at weddings but we also offer photo shoots at our studio. Moreover, we also organize photography classes for beginner and intermediate photographers. Based on our experience and reputation in dealing with many VIPs, proved us to be qualified enough to open photography classes to public. We also allow affiliate marketing in our website with several wedding planners around Kuala Lumpur.

Competitive environment Nurina Wedding Photography is one of many photographers in the Kuala Lumpur area that specialize in wedding portraits.

We are experts in wedding photography. We also work with the other family members to include them in the portrait session, if that is the desire of the client. Although we are a new organization, we are not novices to photography or photographing weddings. Our scheduling and location flexibility are specifically geared to be client friendly. The fee schedules for Nurina Wedding Photography portraits are competitively priced. No other area photographer offers the flexibility and array of services provided to the client at Nurina Wedding Photography.

Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction is unequaled. The critical threats to this business venture are:

  • Sudden negative change in the local or national economy, people cannot afford to hire professional wedding photographers
  • Increased competition in the metropolitan Kuala Lumpur market.

Competitive advantage

Nurina Wedding Photography’s competitive edge is its commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We offer an array of services, flexible scheduling, and have the latest technology to produce beautiful photographic portraits.

Nurina Wedding Photography is not a luxury, magazine-quality studio, but our service and photo quality is high compared to other moderate professional photographers. Our rates are comparable to theirs, but we add value through personal contact and easy dissemination of digital images. At Nurina Wedding Photography, weddings are our primary business, not a sideline or hobby. We understand customers and how to get the right elements together for a successful portrait session. We are patient, and our number-one goal is quality results.

Market strategy

Nurina Wedding Photography attracts business through ads in local Yellow Pages, in the society or wedding section of local paper and in special bridal supplements. We also maintain a wedding blog and participate in popular wedding blog forums, such as Wedding Bee, Style Me Pretty and The Knot. Furthermore, we establish a relationship with local wedding-oriented vendors–florists, bridal shops, videographers, caterers, hotels and country clubs, bakeries and cake decorators, jewelers and musicians to promote us. We also leave brochures with all contacts and ask for referrals.

Organizational development

The management of Nurina Wedding Photography will be very simple in the first few years. In addition to performing the artistic functions of the business, the photographer is also the proprietor and initially must be involved in all aspects of the business, such as marketing, payroll, management of both accounts receivable and accounts payable, and other miscellaneous business details. Additional personnel can be added as the business accounts grow, in order to alleviate these responsibilities from the photographer.

The staff for the first two years of operation will consist of one part-time individual who will serve as an office and photographer’s assistant. In the third year of operation, this position will be upgraded to a full-time assistant as the assumptions regarding profitability come to pass. Nurina Wedding Photography’s growth will be deliberate rather than fast paced. It is possible that the business will need additional staff. Gaps in the personnel structure might well occur in the support staff.

It is a reasonable assumption that the demands of the office, and also assisting the photographer, might become too much for one individual. Depending on the strengths of the individual that fills the first part-time position, the second staff member will be hired as a complement, and both will be trained in the other’s duties.

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