Photography as Mine Passion

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Life is like a paint brush. We make our path and direction following the steps. As a passion, I follow my steps toward photography which has two aspects: technical and creative. It is important to have good technique when selecting the image. However, it is equally important to be creative when selecting the subject and the light of the image. I began to do photography after my high school. Before high school, I was not sure what to be in future but even though my passion toward it continues.

It was the turning point of my life when, I saw a reporter running in the news field. I thought to be photographer but not like him (event photographer and news collector) because of risk in life. My mind diverted towards still photography. I still remember, I could not figure out if I did right or wrong to choose the photography track. I used to ask my answer with my mom, if I did wrong. But she was always positive towards me.

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She tells me to listen your heart, you will find your answer. I think I did right take my path towards photography. “An American photographer Rachael wolf said, a picture can easily describe yourself.” This is absolutely true. Picture not only show the personality but also situation and environment. Right now, I’m working on indoor photography as mine passion. I wanted to exhibit my collection in an art gallery. As my journey toward photography continues for forever.

I like to shoot pictures and portfolios. As I moved from one step to another, I learned the necessities and techniques while performing in the field. If a person can’t understand the word or sentence of language, picture can describe all the information. It is also weaponing to describe someone life sharply. After completing my secondary school certificate, I was worried what to choose in the life. Growing up in the middle-class family supported my livings. The story of my life changes when I began

to learn about cameras. I follow and see all the tools carefully; I must be careful with a shutter (lens). It took more than a year to learn the skill in camera because every day, I just learned one thing. After getting the proper knowledge how to use camera, I thought to become traveler photographer like the news reporter, but it was not easy at all. I could not take good pictures with a creative story-telling frames. Then realized, I learned the indoor photography, and my mind diverted into the indoor

portfolios, and I began to take still portraits in studios. I began to work on the same place where I learned the photography skill. I began to work on different projects capturing pictures of models and recovering the old torn pictures (ripped old black and white or color pictures / change black and white picture to color picture.) I took my journey while studying full time college at the same time. I had to work someday twelve hours to finish my task and improve my work. After working for 3 and half year, I finally got an offer to work with Nepal’s top photography company ‘Photo Concern Nepal’.

Photo concern is thought to be perfectionist photography company because of its fine arts. “photograph is a recognition of rhythm balancing the motion of life, said by Cartier-Bresson most intelligent photographers.” Working with pro-photographer, I learn to show my skill in pictures. My family allowed me to follow my passion. Still this day, when I became free, I open my canon D80 DSLR camera and take a picture of the beautiful nature and when I cannot click pictures of human being. This thing makes me calm and feels like diving into my thought of the blue ocean. As one of my favorite song sung by, Justin Timberlake say something. It always reminds to express in every situation.

In conclusion, Photography describes the presence and influence of art. It is like more portraying our self to the world which is also called the combination of darkness and lightness.

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