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What Are Different Type of Scientific Method

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Many higher teaching universities teach a course of scientific presentation that develop many successful activities in students which help them in their professional life to write, publish any report or may be research in work, it also develop confidence level in presentation also increase the knowledge. Unfortunately some student pretend like they can achieve command on any task but unfortunately student do not go through this course will face a lot of problems in professional life during presentation, publishing a paper or may be in writing of paper.

Post graduate students must teach this course for polishing their skill in professional life, there are following few types of scientific presentation.

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What Are Different Type of Scientific Method
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Class assignment is basically mentally and at some extent physically exercise or duty given to graduate and under graduate students by teacher to check their caliper, knowledge and interest and give them scores after assessment, but it took some time. It depend on teacher either they give it individually or in groups.

Every student of class took participate in this task. It is basically a competition between every student to collect pure and perfect data to get high score. Positive part of assignment is teacher give concentration to single student as compare to presentations and be aware them from their mistakes.

In some organizations this term also known as ‘Case Studies’, and this assignment related with post graduate students, its format vary according to the field to research. The assignment under consideration may be chose by researchers where they face some difficulties or may be by teacher, after selection of topic researchers go through books, different server, library and journal e. t. c., after evaluation of their report by teachers some time it may be publish on teacher recommendation.

It is known as different names in different institute like ‘proposal’ or ‘protocal’. To start the research on selected topic student must write a synopsis with the guidance of selected supervisor from institute and send it to Higher authorities to take permission for starting selected field of work. Its structure of writing may vary from institute to institute. The basic structure is to write its introduction, literature review objectives, methodology, results and bibliography.

Thesis or dissertation is basically two same words at some extend, both are given after completing postgraduate degree. Thesis is basically referred to master degree holder and dissertation to doctor level. Volume of dissertation is more then thesis, both are written under the consideration of allotted supervisor from institute. Thesis consist of different section which involve introduction, Literature review, methodology, final results, reference. Thesis first copy is handover to teacher second one in library and third one keep itself by student.

The researchers final work is publish in primary journal by scientific article for other readers. The submitted structure of paper is depend on journal, it include title with complete contact detail of researcher, abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology adopted, final results, objectives and references. The article must be in well discipline and systematic way so that other readers can read it easily.

Some national and international companies give some grant according to their rules to those organizations who are working on current facing problems to give different innovative ideas and solution to face current running problems, for this grant researchers from institute send a synopsis to companies for funding grant.

Articles that is famous and continuously under consideration is write and publish in different language so that every single person can read and understand it according to their field of interest, they are publish in every source which is easily available for example newspaper, magazine, journal, national or international level published. The published famous articles may is related to our current related problems for example field related issue and solution of problems and some innovative ideas for progress in this field or may be most famous hot topic different ideas in cooking their innovative ideas e. t. c. There is no any specific structure to write such popular article main purpose is to deliver the fruitful knowledge to other readers.

Higher learning institute demand a training or internship on industrial level in the last year of degree, during Internship a report is submitted to department that vary according to degree demand for example in doctor degree the internship report is not submitted while in agriculture or in textile industrial level report is submitted to department with complete description about work i.e. type of industry, your work, learning outcome e. t. c. There is no specific structure to write the report every student write its report according to provided environment for work, and finally report is assessed by respective industry.

The most important aspect of seminar is to develop skills in presentation, some high learning institute offer this activity essentially for every student. Seminar is basically a platform for students to share their ideas with other students, for this students select their topic by their own or by their supervisor guidance, and present it smoothly in front of others. This activity develop and polish their skill of presentation and face the audience to give them answer and questions related to their topic. There is no any preferable structure to write the paper it must be informative full of knowledge and present in such a way that audience can understand it easily and evaluate it according to their presentation of article in seminar.

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