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Science vs Math Essay

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  • Pages 3
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    There are many main subjects that you learn every year of school and you will continue to use every day of your life. Two of those subjects are science and math. These two subjects aren’t often put together. Typically, in younger grades, science was learned with social studies and math you learned with language arts, but, math and science go together and have many similarities between the two. One main similarity is that these two subjects have in common is the use of graphs in the two subjects. Graphs are a common and simple way to show data collected. In math, graphs commonly used are line graphs, number lines, bar graphs, pie charts.

    For example if you had the question “If jimmy saves money at this rate for 12 years, how much money will he have when he is 32 if he starts out with x amount of money already in savings,” to solve it helps to use a bar graph or a dot graph. Graphs make solving things much more easier and make problems seem much less difficult and overwhelming. In science, the most common graphs used are area graphs, pie charts, and bar graphs to show changes over time, like a timeline. For example, if you took a survey to see what are the biggest envirmental problems people see every day, a pie cart or area graphs might be used to organize the data collected and make further questions much easier to answer. If people didn’t use a graph and just wrote down data, this would lead to disorganization and make the solving part way more difficult and overwheliming. The more difficult and overwhelming is often what leads to procrastination and giving up and not doing something. So yes, I would say these two subjects use graphs to present the data collected, however they have some different graphs that are better for the certain data being collected.

    Another main similarity is the use of physics in each subject. Mathematical physics is a method of math, but in science it is also called the “fundamental of science.” In the mathematical application of mathematics in physics, methods are mathematical, but the subject is physics. In science all-natural branches including chemistry, astrology, geology, biology, and many more are constrained by the laws of physics. These facts about physics just proves how similar science and math really are. Even though these subjects are very similar, there are many different topics learned in each subject. In math, the problems being asked are number problems that contain variables, orders of operations, and a very specific way to solve. For example, a problem you may see in math is x(3×4(6+5)-2) or a problem that requires you to find the value of X. In problems like these you must use order of operations, which is parenthesis, exponents, multiplication and division from left to right, and lastly addition and subtraction from left to right. However, in science, the questions asked relate to things like the entire universe, relate to living and non-living factors, and is often used to solve mysteries that humans have not answered yet. For example, some questions asked by scientist are “what made dinosaurs extinct if no people were living yet” and “are we alone in the universe.” When solving these questions, there is a much different approach in which, there are experiments that can be years long and since the world is changing and new things are being discovered it makes it harder to solve these world mysteries.

    In conclusion, these two subjects have many similarities that you will come across when learning but, they do still have some differences in them. Some of the things we would only use if our job was a scientist or a mathematician, but either way to really succeed you should be confident in both subjects. In contrast, you don’t need one of these jobs to still use math and science in your life. You use math when baking or cooking, when dividing something up, in time management, and many more. You also you science because you see and use living and non-living things every day, you should know how the human body works so you can know what to do if you get sick, and the weather is also part of science which we use every day.

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