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What are the effects of technology on today’s culture

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What are the effects of technology on today’s culture
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Dear (Professor’s Last Name),

The research question used in this paper is “What are the effects of technology on today’s culture?” I want to know the specific effects of technology on our society, especially in our culture.

Different essays on technology were assigned to be read, and out of these, three were used as references for my essay. Upon writing this paper, I also took the chance to participate in discussions that I think would help me in analyzing my topic.

The three main resources that I cited helped in narrowing my research. I focused mainly on the areas of communication and isolation brought about by technology, specifically, the Web. In the future, I would like to look for more resources that would discuss in more detail the effects of technology on my culture.

I believe that I have done my best in preparing and doing this paper and a score of (desired score) is fair enough for me.

Name of Author

Name of Professor


Date Submitted

When Technology Shaped the Society’s Culture

If the world today and the world a hundred years ago would be likened to a “spot the difference” game, then, many will changes will be spotted. As years pass by, innovations on technology have continuously affected human beings’ life and way of living. Change, as people say, is part of progress, but how far have these technological advances affected humans’ society and culture?

Technology is defined as the procedure by which people alters nature to meet their necessities and desires (Latterell 578). Inventions have been made to produce physical objects to meet the needs of the human race, and now, people call these things as technology. However, technology is not confined in the category of physical objects only, it also includes the skills people engage in, and social organizations as well. Humans use skills and social organizations, along with the physical objects, in altering nature to meet their necessities and desires, thus these three comprise technology (Latterell 579).

Culture has been said to affect the design of technology. Technology is made by humans and it always represents the designers’ assumptions and values, and its effects are clearly seen in man’s everyday life (Latterell 580). Human intentions, as determined by their culture, have also affected technology’s design (Ullman 643). All throughout history, mankind has tried to make things better for themselves, and the invention of computers, Web, and Internet has been a great technological breakthrough. The Web enabled man to associate their minds freely with the computer and the world.

The Web is like a dream come true – mothers could go online shopping, fathers could make business transactions online, teens could research their home works even without going to the library, and children could have fun, even without going to amusement parks. Thus, not so long after its discovery, the Net was named as the factor that changed man’s way of life and culture.

Internet has enabled individuals to do things on their own with ease by just clicking on hyperlinks. However, with the unstoppable rise of the Net also came the down fall of intermediary (Ullman 642). No more travel agents, insurance agents, and brokers are needed because the Web has already made it available at one’s own house, at their own convenience. Now, only a search engine and a processor are needed to reach the world outside, while still staying inside your house (Ullman 644).

Mode of communication has also been altered by the rise of internet. Now, people could meet other people from around the world without even standing up from their seats in front of their computer or send electronic mails, cards, and greetings without going to the post office or mailbox. Moreover, the most recent of these is sharing one’s emotions, opinions, and information with others in the community through blogs.

Blogging is viewed as modern day journalism (Nardi et al. 629). The topics covered by blogging are wide and could vary from daily journals to political insights. Majority of these blogs are written by ordinary people for different purposes. Comments from those who viewed the blog could be posted in it, and others could also be influenced to make their own blogs by reading others’ blogs (Nardi et al. 630).

This new form of communication has encouraged people to share to others what could have been a private thought or experience. Moreover, this practice is slowly taking the place of face-to-face conversations, such as small talks in the park and debates on political issues over a cup of coffee. People have now become more comfortable in sharing their feelings to a faceless community than to a trusted fellow or friend.

Now, what has become of the society that mankind has created? Yes, it has progressed to a height of success, intelligence, and freedom. However, along with these came the sacrifice of man’s culture. Culture should design technology, however, the effects that came along with these technologies altered the culture as well. Today’s society is focused on individualism, isolation, dependence, and even self centeredness – a path that was different from what the culture was before.

Technology and progress is not a bad thing, but the society should always be cautious of how far it has already penetrated their life. Should it be the one to dictate how man’s life should be lived, or is it the other way around? Man should enjoy life the way it was designed to be – be free but never forget to look out of your own shell once in a while.

Works Cited

Latterrell, Catherine. “Introduction to Chapter 7: Technology…Or What’s So Great About

Progress?”. Remix. Ed. Catherine Latterrell. Boston: Bedford/St.Martin’s, 2006. 575-586. The article clarifies three assumptions that people usually attaches with technology. First, the author clarified that technology is not just the physical objects such as machines, but it also includes the skills that humans engage in, and the social organizations used to alter the environment to meet the desires and necessities of the human race. Secondly, the author clarified the assumption that technology brings progress or peril. The author thinks that along with the benefits that technology brings comes unexpected consequences that people must deal with. Bargains need to occur in order for technology to prosper. Lastly, the author clarified the assumption that technology is neutral. He suggested that technology depends on how a person uses it, and what values and assumptions that the designers used in making a technology. In summary, the article is very useful in clarifying the issues that covers technology. The author has clearly stated his opinions and cited examples that are easy to comprehend.

Nerdi, Bonnie, et al. “Why We Blog”. Remix. Ed. Catherine Latterrell. Boston: Bedford/St.

Martin’s, 2006. 629-638. The article discusses the nature of blogging. The authors conducted a study that aims to identify the reasons behind blog posts. The data gathered were classified into five categories: life documentation, providing opinions and commentaries, expression of emotions, gaining ideas through writing, and community forum. The study showed that majority of the blogs are written by ordinary people and some find blogging as a comfortable means of expressing one’s self. The authors did a good job in classifying the reasons for blogging with the use of in-depth interviews. The source is reliable since the method used to gather data was first hand. The article is helpful in understanding how the internet has affected the culture, in terms of communication.

Ullman, Ellen. “The Museum of Me”.  Remix. Ed. Catherine Latterell. . Boston: Bedford/St.

Martin’s, 2006. 639-646. The article is a personal view of the author regarding internet. She discusses that the Web has been an “enabling technology” that made tasks easily finished. She identified the benefits that come along with the discovery of internet, and also the downfalls of it. She discussed the loss of place in the society of the intermediaries. She also described how the Web has promoted self centeredness and isolation. The article is highly opinionated but is a good source of new insights regarding internet. It is useful in evaluating how technology has changed the culture.

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